(Previously Known as Temporary Work Visa Subclass 457 visa)


Think about Costs involved for applying for subclass 482 now – Employer MUST have genuine need for nominated position and you must be a genuine applicant to meet the MOST Stringent Requirements then and then only you think about applying for subclass 482 visa as otherwise costs involved in carrying out processes are extremely HIGH and your employer may end up losing money if visa is refused by Dept. of Immigration, Australia.

We give below the costs involved in carrying out different processes to apply for subclass 482 visa:

  • Sponsorship application by the employer – Govt fee is A$420 (Employer must provide all the documents listed in attached sheet and they may have to incur costs of their accountant or other govt. bodies to collect those documents);
  • Nomination Application by the employer – the process of carrying out labour market testing in The National Newspaper is extremely costly as the newspaper may charge about A$3,000 for Display Advertisement for the position which will be nominated by the employer. Apart from this advertisement, the employer needs to carry out advertisement in statewide newspaper, other job seeking website, engaging recruitment agent and other agencies and all these costs may be about A$5,000 or more depending upon how strong case the employer wishes to put forward to Dept. of Immigration, Australia to receive favourable outcome of their nomination application. Employer also must have met training local employees requirements which may be flat rate of A$1,200 for small businesses or A$1,800 for big businesses and employer must continue to pay every year for length of sponsorship. There may be other expenses involved, such as Govt. Nomination Fee A$330 per nomination; and
  • Visa application Govt fees – for TSS 2 year visa, A$1,150 and for TSS 4 year visa A$2,400 for main applicant. If the visa applicant has partner and children then the additional visa fee will be A$1,150 for partner & A$290 per child for TSS 2 year visa OR A$2,400 for partner and A$600 per child for TSS 4 year visa. Also visa applicants must have health insurance for self and family members which may cost A$250 per month and it will be going till expiry of visa. If the children are school going age, then the cost per child to attend the Public School will be at least A$8,000 per year (you may not be able to afford Private School as it can cost you per child anything between A$15,000 to A$25,000 per year)
  • In addition to above cost, applicants also must bear 0.98 % credit card surcharge for Visa or Master Card (more for other cards) plus if applicants have engaged registered migration agent the costs of this agent also to be born so total costs involved will be enormous. Visa applicants must undergon medicals and police check for all of them as required by Dept of Immigration, Australia. For example, costs of visa applicant with partner and two children may be at least about A$10,000 to A$15,000 depending upon size of business for TSS 2 year visa application and about A$15,000 to A$20,000 depending upon size of business (training expenses must be paid as required by Dept of Immigration).
  • We have tremendous experience in dealing with subclass 457 visa applications over the past 18 years and please feel to consult us before you decide to apply for subclass 482 as it will save you thousands of dollars and it will give you peace of mind and if you and your employer are genuine applicants, it will give clear pathway to apply for this visa with the most appropriate documents to achieve success in your subclass 482 visa application of all states – sponsorship, nomination and visa.
  • You must be aware of ‘unscrupulous’ elements of the society – many employers do not behave ethically, charge enormous amount of money for sponsorship and you will end up losing your lifetime earnings and you will put yourself in most miserable situation. If you are skilled person in your occupation which is in demand worldwide you also must think about other countries such as the Middle East, South Africa or other African countries, Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau, Europe, NZ or Canada or US where it may be lot cheaper for you to apply for work visa and you may have better earnings or better life than Australia. Well, you are most welcome to apply for subclass 482 visa for Australia, but you also must think about the most complex, frequently changing, challenging and demanding Immigration Laws of Australia where you and your employer MUST be Genuine applicants and must meet with requirements at all stages of visa application and for which you must consult experience registered migration agent to know your options well in advance.
  • Overseas Students must note the experience requirements at the time of application for subclass 482 visa; also all applicants including overseas applicants must note the Skills Assessment requirements at the time of application for subclass 482 visa; failure to which may end up in negative reply from Dept of Immigration, Australia. Visa applicants also must meet with English language and other requirements (Medicals, Police checks & Health Insurance) at the time of application. Australian Immigration Laws have requirements at the time of application, at the time of decision making and at the time of visa grant and it is very difficult for people who do not have any idea of how to proceed further in making application and little mistake can cost you fortune so you are welcome to contact us any time suitable to you and have initial consulting and it may cost you little money but will give you the most appropriate information to apply for subclass 482 visa.

Subclass 457 visa had become world famous because of mining boom in Western Australia, Skills Shortages in Hospitality Industry (Chef, Cook, Baker, Pastry Cook, Restaurant Manger etc) as well as development of new technologies and requirements of skilled workforce in regional and remote areas of Australia. Subclass 457 also earned bad name for wrong reasons of paying for sponsorship, engaging unskilled workers, paying lower than min wages, fraud, bogus documents, and incorrect information and so on. Ultimately, subclass 457 got “new avatar” under new lable TSS Temporary Skills Shortage Subclass 482 visa. If you wish to apply for 482 visa, you must refer to List of Occupations meant for subclass 482 and determine whether you will get 2 years or 4 years of 482 visa. If your occupation is not on list of occupation, you cannot apply for 482 unless you come across labour agreement of an employer who may have your occupation on their list of labour agreement.

To apply for 482 visa, employers in Australia MUST prove they have GENUINE need for paid employee and they could not source local person to fill in position and therefore they wish to engage overseas skilled worker for short period of time as allowed by Dept of Immigration, Australia. The process has become more complex than before and it also now involves HUGE costs to carry out labour market testing and other processes associated with it.

For example, employer has to apply for sponsorship which is now decided very quickly either instantly or within a day or two or within a few weeks and if all the necessary documents were not provided at the time of application, application for sponsorship may get refused and employer will end up losing money or may have appeal right to pursue matter further with AAT Appeal Authority. To avoid disappointment, first, we would suggest employer as well as visa applicant to seek initial consulting from highly skilled migration agent and this we tell you from our experience of dealing with dept of immigration for over 18 years now. Small amount of initial consulting fee will save you thousands of dollars and will give you peace of mind and also make you alter of preparing necessary documents for all stages of 482 visa application such as sponsorship, nomination and visa application. Processing of all these stages now become extremely costly so you must think about enormous costs that involve in making application for subclass 482.

This visa, referred to as the TSS visa, enables employers to address labour shortages by bringing in genuinely skilled workers where they cannot source an appropriately skilled Australian. It facilitates targeted use of overseas workers to address temporary skill shortages, while ensuring that Australian workers get priority. TSS visa holders can work in Australia in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor under one of three streams:

  • the Short-Term stream
  • the Medium-Term stream
  • the Labour Agreement stream.

Visa Applicant – To be eligible to apply for subclass 482 visa; You must have the skills to fill a position nominated by an approved business for an approved occupation and you can get visa from one to four years depending on your nominated occupation, the visa stream and your circumstances. Visa application fees range between A$1,150 for 2 years to A$2,400 for 4 years visa for main applicant and fees for secondary applicant – your partner and dependent children below age 18 will be extra.

Short-term stream is available if your employer wishes to sponsor you (as an overseas skilled worker) on a temporary basis only in occupations listed on the Short-term Skilled Occupation list (STSOL) for a TSS visa – see lists of eligible skilled occupations. It can be used to fill positions for a maximum of:

  • two years or four years if an International Trade Obligation (ITO) applies.
  • Employer sponsored visa programs
  • Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa (subclass 482)
  • IMMI 18/048: Specification of Occupations and Assessing Authorities—Subclass 482 Visa Link

Medium-term stream is available if your employer wishes to sponsor you (as an overseas skilled worker) for periods of up to four years in occupations listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Regional Occupation List (ROL) for a TSS visa – see lists of eligible skilled occupations – link provided above.

Link is to be provided for caveats and regional areas of Australia

Labour agreement stream is available if your employer wishes to sponsor you (as an overseas worker) and has entered into a labour agreement with the Department.

Standard Business Sponsorship

Nomination & Visa Application Requirements

Link to be provided as follows

TSS – Sponsorship Requirements

TSS – Nomination Requirements

TSS – Visa Requirements

Visa applicants must meet with Health and Police check requirements and must have health insurance as required by Dept of Immigration, Australia.

There is No Age requirements – you must be above 18 years and you may be of any age thereafter as there is no age requirements. It means if you are above 45 years of age you can apply for subclass 482 and get extension if permitted but you may not be able to apply for permanent visa as max age permitted now is below 45 at the time of application for permanent visa application.

Overseas students now have limited opportunity but please do consult experienced registered migration agent and get ready with requirements so that you may meet with the requirements to apply for subclass 482 visa when you complete your study in Australia. You also may have other options for migrating to Australia. We welcome you to contact us for initial consulting any time suitable to you. A small fee of initial consulting may open up many opportunities in Australia.

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