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We have been providing immigration services for Australian Visas such as 482 temporary work, 187 permanent work under regional skilled migration scheme (RSMS), Business and Skilled migration, Partner, Visitor, Student, Parent, NZ Family visa and appeals to Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for visas refused or cancelled. We have over 18 years of continuous experience in dealing with visa applications with Department of Immigration and Border Protection Australia.

We are based in West Perth, Western Australia. We have successfully dealt with many complex and challenging immigration cases. We often come across people who have been refused visas or have had their visas cancelled and when we go through their details we find that many of them have not met their visa criteria or they have breached their visa conditions. It is very usual to blame others, however, if you want to achieve success you must blame yourself.

The best remedy to achieve success is to seek initial consulting from an experienced Registered Migration Agent, which may cost you a small amount of money but will save you thousands of dollars in fees. Australian Immigration Laws are changing frequently and where one applicant fails, all family members will fail too.
The Australian Govt visa fees are skyrocketing now, for example, a partner visa will cost you near $7,000 just in visa fee and to that add agents fees and you may end up losing $15,000 if you are refused visa or if your visa is cancelled.

We specialise in Australian visa applications such as temporary work visa subclass 482, Employer nomination under RSMS scheme subclass 187, Partner visa, Business visa, Student visa, Visitor visa and AAT appeals for reused or cancelled visas. We also liaise with Australian employers if the applicant is seeking sponsorship for either temporary or permanent work visas.

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bmsglobal.com.au  website is especially created for two reasons:

1. To bring to the notice of overseas skilled people our areas of expertise in visa application processing of particular subclasses of visas of Australia and these visas are widely used by overseas skilled people to migrate to Australia either temporarily or permanently. As such over the period of almost last 18 years we have provided several kinds of services for Australian Migration; and we have also processed successfully several kinds of visa applications as well as Administrative Appeals to Administrative Appeals Tribunal for visa refusal or visa cancellation by Dept of Immigration, Australia and

2. To let overseas people know that Australian Immigration Laws are Complex and Changing frequently and while your application remain pending with Dept of Immigration, Australia, they can ask several questions about your application and you will be caught unaware and can lose your opportunity to migrate to Australia. You simply cannot take “chance” by engaging “cheap” agents or taking advice from so called “friends” or “relatives” or applying with “over confidence” and getting lured by so called “free consultation” or “free advice”. You must always remember that in Western Countries “Nothing is Free” and “Everything has costs” so if you wish to have success in your visa application, we would suggest you to seek “Initial Consultation” from highly experienced Registered Migration Agent whose fees would be reasonable in the range of A$150 to A$250 for one hour consultation or if Expert’s advice is required in complex cases the fees could rise to A$500 for initial consulting.

Our Principal Registered Migration Agent Mr. Satish Patel, Registered Migration Agent No. 0000548 trading as BMS Global, has vast experience of dealing with complex and challenging cases and he has carried out successfully various kinds of visa cases for Australian Immigration, however, he has specialized in the following subclasses of visas for Australia over last 18 years of continuously providing services for these subclasses of visas for Australia to overseas skilled people.

Areas of Expertise (Visa Application processing for Australian Visas):

1. Temporary Work Visa subclass 482 (previously world famous 457 visa) – Due to recent changes made by Dept of Immigration, Australia, the labor market testing and meeting with other requirements to apply for 482 visa; overall costs have become sky rocketing for employers to sponsor, nominate and apply for 482 visa. Govt. Fees also have now become very high so visa applicant must think several times to become victim of unscrupulous elements of society to part with any kind of money to receive this visa. Drastic changes have made 482 visa almost impossible for overseas skilled people, however, if you can afford small consulting fee, you must first seek initial advice from highly experienced registered migration agent. Subclass 482 visa involves three stages – sponsorship by employer, nomination of activity also known as nomination of occupation and your occupation must be on the list of 482 visa and finally the 482 visa application for overseas skilled person and their family if they have family members to be included in their application. All these three stages have now become complex, challenging and demanding and also very costly so visa applicant must analyze all factors connecting to this 482 visa application. We have vast experience of over 18 years and have successfully rendered our services to overseas skilled people we welcome you to have initial consulting at very reasonable cost before proceeding to apply further.

2. RSMS Direct Entry subclass 187 Visa – RSMS stands for Regional Skilled Migration Scheme is our another specialized area of visa application processing especially for those who seek PERMANENT VISA under this scheme of Dept of Immigration, Australia. Australia is HUGE country – about 5,000 km from East to West and about 4,500 km from North to South with only 25 million population and Australia is one of the richest nations on the earth with one of highest living standards. Leaving behind large metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth and Surrounding areas; rest of the Australia is “empty” meaning by it is sparsely populated and Dept. of Immigration has introduced the scheme called RSMS for Regional Area of Australia where overseas skilled people can seek Permanent Visa under Direct Entry stream. RSMS 187 visa involves three stages – Certifying of Business by RCB (Regional Certifying Body); Nomination of occupation to Dept of Immigration and Visa application to Dept of Immigration. Due to Drastic changes made recently all these stages have become too costly for employers to nominate overseas skilled person so you as visa applicant must be aware of illegal practices of “unscrupulous” elements of the society. Here also you must first initial consulting as mentioned above and check all possibilities of applying for subclass 187 visa and then and then only proceed further. We have very high level of experience in dealing with RSMS 187 visa as we have been processing applications of 187 visa right from the day it was introduced in Perth WA, however, now Perth WA has been removed and rest of WA is still available for RSMS Direct Entry Permanent Visa but it has become very difficult, however, we are confident of dealing with difficult situation due to our vast experience. We welcome you to have initial consulting if you can afford small costs of consulting.

3. Partner Visa – Onshore as well as Offshore – Onshore means you as an overseas person does have visa and it does not prevent you to apply for further visa and if you are eligible you can apply on shore while remaining in Australia and this subclass is known as 820 which is temporary and after that you receive 801 permanent visa. Offshore means you remain overseas and apply for partner visa and this subclass is 309 for temporary and then move on to become permanent under subclass 100. Partner visa now has become very difficult and be prepared to face challenging questions Dept of Immigration raising while your application remain pending with Dept of Immigration. It has two stages – temporary and then permanent – and be prepared to bear very high costs of Govt. visa fee which is A$7,000 you have to pay at the time of application and if application is refused at later stage you will lose all your money (although you may have appeal rights but appeal processing is also costly and ultimately you have to leave country Australia and apply from outside then again you have to pay Govt. visa fee A$7,000 to apply again). Simply finding Australian Partner (Resident or Citizen of Australia) as sponsor and “dumping” the application to Dept of Immigration to receive this visa; it will never work and you must be very careful about “unscrupulous” elements of society who offer sponsorship charging very high amounts of money. Your relationship with Australian Partner MUST be Genuine, Continuous, Ongoing, Mutually Committed and Exclusive to all others – only 5 words but documents alone cannot prove your relationship though documents can support your application but it cannot give you visa that you wanted. The above 5 words carry explanation into not only hundreds of pages of policy but they do run into thousands of pages to convince the Dept of Immigration, Australia to grant you partner visa based on relationship with Australian Resident or Citizen of Australia. We have successfully rendered services of Partner visa to overseas people including unlawful people whose visas were expired and we have successfully received permanent visas for them because they had genuine relationship. If you can afford small fee for initial consulting, we would advise you to do so before applying for partner visa either in Australia or living overseas. The recent changes are drastic to apply for partner visa where you MUST provide all supporting documents at the time of application and time to time and Dept of Immigration will not ask you further information or documents and if you fail to provide them what they wanted your application can fail and you can lose very high amount of Govt. Fees if you fail appeal also. Also processing time of partner visa applications have gone up to over year and half or more for temporary stage and including permanent visa it can be 3 or more years may be between 3 to 5 years so anybody who tells you that partner visa can be received within 6 months it will all be wrong and you can end up in miserable situation. Also please do remember that if you include children above age 18 as dependent it can prove a nightmare and please be prepared to face challenging questions from Dept of Immigration, Australia. Please feel free to contact us for your peace of mind for partner visa application and you will get the most suitable advice in very small price of initial consulting.

4. Study in Australia and Student Visa for Australia subclass 500 – Wow! Australia has now become a “Dream” country for overseas students has Australia does allow to work at least 20 hours per week while you study in Australia and full time during your vacations. Not only that, Australia does offer additional 2 years with full time work visa if you have completed Degree or higher study in Australia to recover your costs of study and further, you may have options to migrate to Australia and become a permanent resident of Australia. As an overseas student you MUST remember that “All That Glitter Is Not Gold!” If you are hand to mouth financially not sound student then you must think about either completing studies in home country or go to a country which you can afford. If you wish to study in Australia, a degree course of 3 years after year 12, it can cost you anything between A$150,000 to A$200,000 depending upon course and university you selected and it is almost impossible to meet with your living expenses from your 20 hour per week work permission. Also keep in mind that all those countries who offer Education to overseas students, in reality, it is not Education, it is “Business”; and it is you who is “stupid” who will be losing money and not the country who invites to study. From our vast experience of providing student visa services for Australia for almost 20 years, it will be advisable to seek initial consulting at very small fee and make sure it will be worth studying in Australia. You must meet with min education for admission, min English for admission, finance to apply for visa and most importantly to meet with GTE – Genuine Temporary Entry Requirements to apply for student visa. If Australia offers Temporary as well as Permanent visa pathway to overseas students after completing their studies in Australia – whey Dept of Immigration, Australia asking about GTE????!!! GTE is a secret weapon by which any applicant can be refused because it is logic and not mathematics so it is very hard to prove GTE requirements. Also you must remember that “Decision Making” of Dept of Immigration is country based –who is coming from where? If you are an applicant from Non-English Speaking country; what chances will you have to receive student visa for Australia?? Another million dollar question! We have been promoting Australian Education to overseas students for Courses in Food & Beverage, Events & Chef as well as other Trade Courses where overseas students will have opportunity to work in their occupation and earn side by side learning and meet with at least day to day living expenses. Also work experience can open up doors for overseas students for applying for further visa in Australia and may lead to permanent visa. You as an overseas student MUST invest money in your future and you MUST not waste your hard earned money simply sake of overseas education which leads you nowhere. Prior to you, many received chances of becoming permanent residents and you will find them driving taxis, or trucks, or delivering parcels or factory workers or doing very odd jobs totally against their education in Australia. You may also find Engineers, Accountants or IT professional driving taxis in Australia after receiving residency. Why it is so??? Had they taken appropriate initial consulting they probably would not have been such odd situations where they now have been below dignity. Well, you are welcome to contact us and discuss your study plan in Australia and we will provide the best service for student visa applications – selecting course, selecting institute, finance requirements, GTE requirements, enrolment, visa application, documents preparation and submission of application to Dept of Immigration and follow up until final outcome from Dept of Immigration.

5. Business Visa for Australia you can also say Business Migration to Australia subclass 188 with several streams temporary visa and then permanent migration under subclass 888. Another subclass 132 can provide you permanent visa for Australia. Those who can not stay longer in Australia have opportunities to apply for Business Visa by investing A$5 million or A$15 million (buying of slice of Australia with this kind of money). Applying for Business Visa for Australia is a BIG DECISION because the way you earn money in your country and the way you WILL earn money in Australia will be totally different and you may not get that much profit which you get in your home country and you may disappoint yourself. Also while investing money in Australia; you must keep in mind requirements of second stage of business visa application. Many overseas people think that by simply investing A$1 million or A$2 million they will get residency in Australia – This is complete FALSE! Also many think that by buying House or Residency Property or Agriculture property in Australia, they will get residency in Australia – this is totally WRONG – YOU WILL NEVER GET RESIDNENCY IN AUSTRALIA SIMPLY INVESTING MONEY IN AUSTRALIA – you must meet with criteria of each stream to qualify for temporary and then to qualify for permanent visa. We have come across many overseas people have invested in wrong manner and lost their chances of applying for business visa not only that they also lost their money. Business visa is based on point tested where you must meet with min points to apply for visa. You also have to meet requirements of state or territory who will sponsor you. Points are allocated on age, business experience, education, English test score, net assets, annual turnover, state or territory sponsorship, and a few other factors. Business visa applications are very time consuming, complex and challenging and team work is required by competent business advisor, chartered accountant, experienced registered migration agent and your accountant to put forward necessary documents, information, evidence and explanation to Dept of Immigration and you must provide genuine documents to prove your case. The initial consulting fee is A$250 and can increase up to A$500 or more if you wish us to analyze your financial documents, business background, education, and assets etc to determine your eligibility to apply for business visa for Australia. We will be very happy to provide you business visa services provided you can afford our fees. We believe Business Visa application is a SERIOUS BUSINESS and must not be overlooked in hurry or by negligence. No matter how rich you are back home in your home country, your application can fail with one little mistake so you must be very careful in all aspects of business visa. We welcome you to consult us – how best we can make your “Dream Come True” because in Business Visa application can include your partner as well as your children dependent upon you preferably below 18 so entire family can migrate to Australia – a wonderful country to achieve your “Dreams!”

6. Visitor Visa subclass 600 – Applying for visitor visa is also one of our specialties. One would ask how come visitor visa is a specialty! Yes, in Visitor Visa applications for Australia, large number of applicants have failed especially those applicants from the Middle East countries, Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on – does it mean that applicants from the Middle East countries, South East Asian Countries, African countries and Russian countries find great difficulty in receiving visitor visa for Australia. Australian Immigration Laws are complex, changing frequently, challenging and demanding so applicant must meet with criteria at the time of application, at the time of decision and at the time of visa grant. Large number of applicants think that what to do in visitor visa application? Just fill in form, provide passport copy, air ticket and if you somebody in Australia, give their details and applicant thinks that visitor visa will be granted by Dept.of Immigration, Australia – No! BIG NO! Please never expect that visitor visa will be granted to you to visit Australia. Countries have been divided into Low, Medium and High Risk countries and those who apply from Low risk country (for example, West European countries, US, UK, NZ, Canada) may get visitor visa with less documents because their records are good that they come, visit and leave Australia and also if something happens to the visitor, their country will get all due care of their citizens to bring them back home and no financial or any other kind of burden on Australian Govt. But in case of Medium Risk and High Risk countries many visitors have taken disadvantage of kindness of Australian Govt whereby they have overstayed in Australia, worked in Australia without work permission and many have applied for Refugee visa in Australia without any claims to be a refugee. So, certainly as per records of each country, the dept of immigration will judge each application on its merits no matter who comes from where. We have successfully received visitor visas for countries mentioned above and we will be very happy to assist you if you are a GENUINE Visitor and your sole purpose is only to visit Australia and leave Australia before expiry of your visitor visa. Overseas Students from the Middle East countries who completed their studies in Australia and wish to have visitor visa for another 3 months are welcome to contact us we have recently assisted them to get visitor visa for 3 months stay. Applicants from Iraq, Iran, India, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and anybody who feel that they will have difficulty in receiving in visitor visa are welcome to contact us as it is one of our specialty and we did assist good number of visa applicants to make their ‘dreams’ come true to visit Australia!

7. Citizenship of Australia – It is becoming harder and harder day by day to become a citizen of Australia. Many applicants have been facing several issues in becoming citizens of Australia. Also please remember that if you have received temporary and then permanent visa with bogus or fake documents or by providing incorrect information, it can haunt you when you apply for citizenship of Australia and you will be refused citizenship and you may have appeal rights. You have to be honest and trustworthy person to become a citizen of Australia. If you wish to become a citizen of Australia, you must start knowing the requirements of applying for citizenship of Australia as soon as you become a permanent resident because at the time of application for citizenship of Australia, you have to meet with residence and other requirements such as you have gone overseas for a few months may be ok but if you have remain absent half of year that may not be ok; also you to identify by authorized person to whom you were known for at least 12 months and when you reach that person, that person would say ‘ sorry, I don’t know you for 12 months’ and you will stuck up to apply for citizenship as application forms do demand to meet with requirements at the time of application. Please feel free to contact us for initial consulting and in case of complex issues if you are denied citizenship, we will try our best to solve those problems in consultation with experts of the migration industry.

8. AAT Appeals – Administrative Appeals Tribunal Appeals for Visa Refusal or Visa Cancellation – If your student visa, partner visa, RSMS 187 visa or any other visa is refused or cancelled in Australia, and if you have appeal right, you are welcome to contact us for initial consulting and AAT Appeal processing as it is our one of the specialized areas of providing immigration assistance to overseas skilled people. We have been processing regularly AAT Appeals and we can provide the best possible service for AAT Appeal and also assist you to provide necessary documents in support of your appeal. AAT appeal processing is a very specialized area where you as a review applicant have to provide appropriate documents, information, evidence and explanation based on previous court cases fought in AAT, or Courts of Australia. You may not have much idea of complexity and interpretation of Immigration Laws (Acts, Regulations & Policy Matters) of Australia and unless you prove your points (also known as jurisdictional error made by Dept of Immigration, Australia in their ‘Decision Making’) you cannot win or you cannot get favorable outcome of your appeal. Appeal fee is also very high and appeal processing also can cost you good amount of money so it is utmost necessary for you to engage highly experienced registered migration agent to lodge and fight your AAT appeal. You also can lodge and fight your AAT Appeal by yourself and you may not need assistance of others – however, you must decide how much you will be confidential to win the appeal. You also must think about wasting money in AAT Appeal because if you have not met criteria and Dept of Immigration of Australia was right in their decision making so you would not win appeal and it will be waste of time and money. In such circumstances you should think about saving your money and find options to apply for kind of visa which you can apply from outside Australia. For example, partner visa, if you do not meet Sch 3 criteria being unlawful or whatever, you would not win then it will be advisable to apply from outside Australia as Govt. fees are huge in partner visa cases. We have vast experience of dealing with complex cases so please feel free to contact us and have peace of mind to proceed further in AAT Appeal cases.


Our initial consulting fee varies between A$150 to A$250 for most of the cases, however, in case of complex cases, if Expert’s advice is required; our fee will be A$500 or more per case. If you later become our client, as a matter of courtesy, we may adjust the amount received from you as initial consulting fee and you then pay balance of our fees if you wish to proceed further in your case.


Our fees to carry out immigration cases (visa application and AAT appeal) may vary case to case and there is no fixed amount for any one case. Why it is so? Because each case is unique and amount of work involved will be different in each case. Each case becomes different country wise also; for example, a student visa applicant from Sweden will be treated differently than a student from India, because making GTE statement for Sweden may involve much less work than making GTE for Indian student. So amount of work for Sweden will be lot less than Indian student so we may charge A$1,500 to Sweden Student and we may charge A$2,500 to Indian Student. This is only an example and we quote our fees case to case basis. So will be the case with other visa applications such as RSMS 187 visa, Partner Visa Onshore or Offshore, Business Visa, Temporary Work Visa 482 and AAT Appeal.


Australian Immigration Laws are Complex and Changing frequently. Australian Immigration Laws covers Immigration Act 1958, Regulations 1994, Gazette Notices, Short Notes, Explanatory Notes, Ministerial Guidelines, and Policy that applies to applicants from country to country and above all Decision Making process of Delegates of Minister for Immigration. If you arrive in Australia on temporary visa (student or visitor or work visa), you must also note Conditions Attached to your visa. If you have condition 8503 No Further Visa – you will not be granted further visa in Australia no need of wasting your money and time in Australia to apply for further visa and it will be better you go home and apply from outside if you are eligible to apply for that kind of visa and you will achieve great success in your visa application – these things you can clarify while having initial consulting so initial consulting is necessary. To receive visa for Australia, the applicant has to pass through several schedules, for example, Sch 1, Sch 2, Sch 3 and so on and applicant must satisfy criteria at the time of application, at the time of decision making and at the time of visa grant and also remember One fails All fail meaning by any one the applicants included in application fails rest of the applicants also will fail in their application. For example, if child included in application has medical condition and due to this reason child fails application so the case with other family members and they also will fail the application (one fails all fail). Sch 8 covers various kinds of conditions such as 8503 or 8534 or 8535 No further visa – you may apply in certain circumstance certain kinds of visa but you do not know so it will be better to have initial consulting to avoid disappointment at a later stage. If you are a student and you will have condition 8202 and if you breach this condition your visa may be cancelled so you must understand this condition and along with it other conditions and also if you wish to make Australia ‘home’ you must know your options well in advance so that you can prepare yourself to meet with criteria of visa that you wish to apply and all these would be possible if you would have sought initial consulting well in advance and it may cost you little money but will save you thousands of dollars later. From our experience in dealing with various kinds of visa cases, we would certainly recommend you to have initial consulting before proceeding to apply for kind of visa that you wish to apply for Australia. If you have become unlawful you should know your migration options for Australia or if you have been banned for 3 or more years and if you wish to apply again for Australian Visa you must have initial consulting as to how best you can solve your problems regarding visa matters for Australia.


1. RSMS 187 Regional Skilled Migration Scheme Direct Entry Permanent visa for overseas skilled person sponsored by Australian Employers in Regional Areas of Australia – Right from the day it commenced till today we have regularly processed RSMS 187 visa application and we have successfully received permanent visas for our clients. Drastic changes have taken place recently, however, we have just received approval of RCB (Regional Certifying Body) in WA for a Store Manager position in a liquor store situation in regional areas of Western Australia. We have successfully processed RSMS 187 visa applications for Store Manager (Retail Manager),Restaurant Manager, Chef, Cook, and we can certainly assist you to apply for RSMS subclass 187 Direct Entry Permanent visa though processing costs have gone up enormously.

2. Partner Visa Onshore subclass 820/801 as well as Offshore subclass 309/301 for genuine partners – we have processed partner visa application for various nationalities and faced odd and weird questions of Dept of Immigration successfully. It is real tough now to get through partner visa cases unless you have genuine relationship – we are fully committed to your application and we have vast experience and can certainly assist you to achieve success in your partner visa applications.

3. Temporary Work Visa Subclass 482 (previously subclass 457) – The costs to carry out labour market testing as well as other processes to lodge this applications have now gone up enormously so you have to prepare for all costs involved and employer must have genuine needs of overseas skilled work and must be able to bear all costs involved. We will be very happy to carry out this treacherous task of all stages of 482 application – sponsorship, nomination and visa application.

4. Student Visa subclass 500/590 – Overseas students are ‘vulnerable’ and many have ended up in courses not relevant to their careers and many have wasted their money so called overseas education where they would have been better off back home in their home countries. Well, if you are serious student and if you have genuine interest in building your career in Hospitality Industry – Chef, Food & Beverage, Restaurant Manager, Events and related careers- we will be the best to assist you to make your ‘dreams’ come true as we are associated with an Institute who provides classroom training as well as industry placement with paid employment opportunities in your careers so that you can move with great confidence in your chosen careers and achieve great milestones with luxurious income in future. We welcome only GENUINE and FINANCIALLY SOUND overseas students from “DECENT” families to contact us for this Golden Opportunity to learn and earn from day one till last day of your course. Paid employment can give min A$20 per hour (or more) for 20 hours of work per week which can help you to pay off your tuition fees as well as gain practical hands on work experience with which your job is guaranteed with five star establishment if you seriously take up such courses at the institute which we will recommend to you.

5. Business Visa subclass 188/888 and subclass 132 – We have already mentioned Caution – Business Visa applicants on our webpage on Business Visa and we wish you to remember this caution as all that glitter is not gold and unless you understand entire process thoroughly and unless you research in-depth your business plan before coming to Australia you may face disappointment and you may lose your life time earnings. Of course, Australia is Great Country to settle along with your family members but Business Visa applications are really complex, challenging and demanding tremendous amount of work to provide information, documents, explanation and evidence when you apply for business visa – one fails all fail – we will be very happy to assist you to achieve success in your business visa application if you really seriously interested in migrating to Australia on business grounds and please do remember it is costly exercise and please be prepared to bear the costs.

6. AAT Appeals – Administrative Appeals Tribunal Appeals for visa refusal or visa cancellation – we regularly lodge AAT Appeals and we have very good experience in submission of information, documents, explanation and evidence to AAT to support the appeal and to receive favorable outcome for review applicants. Recently, Dept of Immigration, Australia has rejected large number of applicants of RSMS Subclass 187 visa applicants and we have lodged AAT appeals for those employers whose Nominations have been rejected and for those visa applicants whose subclass 187 visas have been rejected. AAT appeal work involves enormous amount of work for research on topics, going through old cases at various levels including Courts of Australia, Interpretation of Immigration Laws, Regulations, Gazette Notices, Short Notes, Policy Guidelines of Hon Minister for Immigration and many other factors upon which solid arguments can be provided to AAT to win the appeal. Please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you and we will be very happy to discuss with you the issues of visa refusal or visa cancellation.

7. Citizenship Issues to obtain Australian Citizenship – A good number of applicants who had received temporary visa, then permanent visa and then wanted to apply for citizenship but after applying they were denied citizenship for various reasons – some of the applicants were refused citizenship because they had supplied bogus documents or incorrect information – these applicants would have thought that they were all ok when they received temporary or permanent visa but when they were rejected for citizenship they then realized that how wrong they were in supplying bogus documents or incorrect information in their previous applications. See, how “alert” is Citizenship Department of Australia – you will never escape if you have done something wrong – ultimately you will be caught and you will be punished. So, you must remember that you must do correct things failure which you can be punished. Well, citizenship issues are very serious in nature and we have known a few experts in this field and we can try our best to assist you through these experts in your citizenship applications. Please do remember it can turn out to be costly process so if you expect cheap service you better contact somebody else and if you can afford what experts want you are welcome to discuss with us your issues of citizenship for Australia and we will be more than happy to assist you as much as we can to realize your ‘dream’ comes true to get citizenship of Australia!

“BMS Global has been operating for the last 18 years and has successfully dealt with AUSTRALIAN VISA applications for Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Partner Visa, Temporary Work Visa Subclass 482, Permanent RSMS Visa Subclass 187, Skilled Migration, Business Visa and AAT Appeals”