Subclass 191 Visa will come into effect from 16.11.2022. It means that you can apply for subclass 191 visa only on or after 16.11.2022. Please read carefully – Skilled Regional Permanent Visa meant for those who had applied Skilled Regional Provisional (Temporary) Visa subclass 491 or 494 on or after 16.11.2019. 

​This visa is for people who have lived, worked and studied in designated regional area Australia on a previous, eligible visa. 

With this subclass 191 visa you can stay permanently, work and study anywhere in Australia, Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence and apply for Australian citizenship, if become eligible to apply for citizenship of Australia. 

To apply for subclass 191 – you must hold an eligible visa (which would be skilled provisional visa); you have lived for at least 3 years in Designated Regional Area of Australia and have a taxable income at or above a specific income threshold for at least three years. If you have included secondary applicants, you as well as secondary applicants must have complied with the conditions of the eligible visa you hold or have held (skilled provisional visa).


If you were to be our clients for subclass 491 or 494 Regional Skilled Provisional Visa; we would keep you up to date with requirements of subclass 191 visa and thus you would be eligible to apply for subclass 191 visa. Over the period of time, Australian Immigration Laws have been becoming more and more complex and also changing frequently so we always keep track and record of changes in Immigration Laws so that we can assist our client in most appropriate way. For example, minimum wages in Australia change every year and you probably would not have any idea and if you have not been paid min wages you would lose opportunity to apply for subclass 191 visa. Please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you for applying for subclass 491 or 494 so that we would keep you informed well in advance requirements of subclass 191 visa.