Mr. Satish Patel, Registered Migration Agent MARN 0000548 trading as BMS Global is also an Education Agent to promote Australian Education to Overseas Students Worldwide and Education Consultant to provide the most appropriate study pathway to Overseas Students so that Money in Education can be Invested and Not Wasted in receiving education in Australia. Being education agent as well as education consultant are two different areas of expertise. We guarantee our services will definitely assist you to achieve your DREAMS in Australia!


Why BMS Global?


We have been providing education agent and consultant as well as immigration services for various kinds of Australian Visas to overseas students and overseas skilled people for 20 years. We have been providing our services to more than 40 different nationalities worldwide. So, we have achieve expertise being an education agent to promote Australian Education to overseas students, provide consultation to overseas students and prepare them for pathways for further visas for Australia such as work visa or temporary migration or permanent migration to Australia.


We have come across very large numbers of overseas students who have wasted their money in Australia and went on staying 10 years and achieved nothing in their lives. They were then either removed from Australia or deported or they themselves return home “empty handed” and many of them have been “barred” to re-enter Australia.


Initial consulting will cost you very little money between A$100 to A$200 but it will give peace of mind to achieve your goals of studying in Australia, working in Australia and settling in Australia. We welcome you to contact us at contact details provided anytime suitable to you.


Our Services as an Education Agent

We can provide admissions to overseas students into the following Prestigious Education Institutes of Australia:

  1. Edith Cowan University – World Famous for Nursing and Teaching Education
  2. Curtin University – World Famous for Engineering and Science Education
  3. University of Western Australia – World Famous for Medicines and Arts, Science, Commerce and Engineering Education
  4. Murdoch University – World Famous for Law, IT and Science Education
  5. Central Queensland University (Perth Campus): World Famous for different types of education and have many campuses in Australia
  6. Charles Stuart University – World Famous for many campuses all over Australia and economical tuition fees for courses in arts, commerce, science, engineering, IT, and nursing
  7. TAFE WA – Govt. Colleges who provide various types of TRADES qualifications such as carpentry, welding, electrician, plumbing, cooking, food & beverage, events, graphic design, aged care and many other vocational courses which are not only career oriented but also very useful for job seeking anywhere in world and also provide pathway for further temporary or permanent visas for Australia
  8. Hospitality College in Sydney – a very highly specialised college in hospitality industry for cookery, events, food & beverage and hospitality management course. This is the one and only one college who provides Paid Internship to their students right from the beginning of the course till the end of the course – most recommended college by us. Process of admission is real tough and only genuine students will be admitted and they are providing education for last 50 years in Australia
  9. DNA Kingston – a college specialising in Dentist education and student can further study university course
  10. Le Cordon Blue – a highly specialised college in cookery courses
  11. Canning College prepares students for high school and pre-university courses; suitable to those students whose English and home study in School require further foundation studies to join university in Australia
  12. APSI – Australian Professional Skills Institute specialises in Health Care and Community courses for aged care and other care facilities in Australia; they also offer courses in cookery and business up to diploma levels
  13. Curtin University College, Murdoch Institute of Technology & Edith Cowan College – these colleges offer foundations courses to overseas students to proceed further with University Studies in Australia
  14. WA Govt. Schools and Private Schools offer study in Australia for primary, secondary and high school overseas students; students above age 6 and below 20 will be admitted; parents can accompany students if students are between age 6 and 18.


Thus, Australia offers world class education in all spheres of life whether it be schools or vocational trade courses or university courses of research courses leading to Ph.D.


Our services to overseas students become most important for the reasons that

  • What amount of money students wish to spend in Australia as education and living costs are very high in Australia
  • How students wish to build their career so that they will invest money in education in Australia and they will not waste money in education in Australia
  • Removing all kinds of confusion in selection of courses and institutes – we know what courses and institutes are recognised for immigration purposes and what are not as many students have ended up in miserable situations where after completing their studies they stand nowhere
  • We will keep you informed about changes in immigration laws and other issues related to applying for further visa in Australia and will assist you if you wish to make your dream come true to settle in Australia


Our Role as Education Consultant for study in Australia


As we clarified to you that the education agent promotes the education to overseas students but the consultant will provide you pathway for your chosen career.


For example, if you have completed a Degree in Commerce and you wish to study Nursing in Australia, how would you meet the requirements for admission into Nursing Colleges in Australia. BMS Global will provide you consultation and make your dream come true to study in nursing in Australia. The answer to above confusion will be that by studying Graduate Diploma in Science a student can get entry level study in Masters Course in Australia; however, selecting an institute and a course will be a nightmare for overseas students as Australia has more than 1,100 institutes and 41 Universities to select from and if you end up selecting wrong course and/or institute you will end up losing all your money and you only will be disappointed without any career path.


The above was the only one example but there will be hundreds of examples where we have assisted overseas students by way of consultation to select the most appropriate course and institute to fulfil their dreams to study in Australia in their chosen careers. We welcome you to contact us anytime suitable to you.


How to save HUGE costs of education in Australia and living costs in Australia


Australia is very costly place to study and live because it is one of the most developed countries in the world with very high level of GDP – Per Capita Income! So, how would save the costs and fulfil your dreams to study in Australia.


Yes, BMS Global can assist you as much as possible! Think about completing a degree in Business Management at University in Australia. The lowest tuition fees for a 3 year degree course after year 12 in Australia for overseas student will be A$90,000 and to that add living cost at least A$20,000 per year so it will be A$60,000 for 3 years and total cost to overseas student will be A$150,000 to complete a degree in Australia. If you were to be our client, we would have suggested the most appropriate course and institute and you would have completed degree with a total cost of only A$90,000; thus, you would have saved HUGE Amount of A$60,000 in 3 year degree course and you would have also fulfilled your dream to study in Australia. We told you there are 1,100 Institutes and 41 Universities in Australia and which will you choose. We have been providing services to overseas students for last 20 years so we have gone through each option for overseas student and we can suggest you the most suitable study pathway in Australia to achieve your dream degree in Australia.


Regarding HUGE savings in living costs; you as an overseas student must plan your journey well in advance with respect to clothing, utensils, mobile phone, computer, laptop, internet and any other service or product that you will need during your study in Australia. There are many places where you can buy second hand items at cheaper than chips prices. There are many residences which you can share with others or hire a room only in a big house. You can cook your food by yourself. What you need would be a thorough planning of your journey to Australia. BMS Global has assisted large number of overseas students to save HUGE Costs to study and living in Australia. If you were to be our client for your study in Australia, we would provide you the best possible customer service second to none to save HUGE Costs of study and living in Australia. Please do contact us any time suitable to you.


How BMS Global can assist you after you have completed your studies in Australia?


We at BMS Global are also a Registered Migration Agent for 20 years and successfully handed various kinds of immigration visa applications of student visa, visitor visa, skilled migration, business migration, partner visa, employer nomination visa regular and regional, graduate skilled visa, and AAT appeals for visa refusal or visa cancellation (Administrative Appeals Tribunal Appeals). Depending upon background of overseas students with respect to their age, education, work experience, English level and close relatives living in Australia, we can suggest them the best possible pathway to apply further visa in Australia.


Australian Immigration Laws have been complex and changing and real tough policy of Dept. of Home Affairs (Dept. of Immigration) has made things more and more impossible to settle in Australia; however, there is a way where there is a will!


You must know your options for migration to Australia right from the day you arrive in Australia. It may cost you a small amount but will give a peace of mind and proper pathway if you were really interested in settling in Australia. We have vast experience of 20 years of dealing with complex immigration cases.


As an example, if you have ended up in studying diploma in business or management or marketing or leadership it will not take you anywhere; however, if you would have consulted us, we would have provided you proper guidance to either change over course or institute or both and if you would have ended up completing trade courses you would have opportunity to apply for 18 months full time work visa; which later may lead you to apply for further full time work visa for 2 or 4 years depending upon your work experience and after that you would have opportunity for applying for permanent visa in Australia provided you were eligible to apply for those kinds of visas in Australia.


Various Kinds of Visa Conditions attached to Student Visa


Dept. of Home Affairs when grants you student visa, you MUST read conditions very carefully. Breach of any condition can lead you to refusal of further student visa or cancellation of your student visa and Ban period to re-enter Australia will apply.


Conditions such as Work Limitation, Maintaining Health Insurance, Informing Dept change in passport, address, email, phone etc, maintaining course requirements, etc must be adhered to by overseas students.


Change of courses and/or institutes; Bringing in Family Members (partner and children); Change in Circumstances (partner becoming pregnant or separation of partner, illness or other kinds of changes); Financial Requirements and who can show finance; First 12 months of study costs; Departing Australia (Refund of super etc)


Yes, Australia is one the most flexible and friendliest countries in the world. Australia receives every year 500,000 overseas students from almost 200 different countries of the world. Australia earns A$28 billion as export earnings in tuition fees from overseas students. Students spent A$30 billion annually in Australia. Education exports earnings are third largest for Australia after Coal and Tourism export earnings. Education industry provides employment to about 1 million Australians annually. Govt. of Australia has decided to expand these earnings over the period of time and make them double the earnings in coming years. So, Australia has accepted very flexible policy with respect to overseas students coming to Australia to study and then return home after completing studies in Australia.


Overseas students can change course and institute after coming to Australia but MUST know rules and regulations. Please do refer to ESOS Act 2000, ESOS Regulations 2001 and National Standards 2017.


Yes, overseas students can bring in their partners and children along with them and all of them must meet with requirements of finance, health, police check and any other requirements Dept ask for – if you have partner and children you MUST show finance available to look after them even though they do not accompany you to Australia.


Finance requirements bases on annual income of self or partner or parents – only parents can show finance and no third parties except approved Bank Loans from recognised Banks. If you are single and have income of A$60,000 per year or if you are married and have income of A$70,000 per year (Or income of your parents), you can provide evidence to apply for student visa. If you have bank balance or fixed deposit or approved bank loan to meet 12 months expenses requirements you can apply for student visa.


As a matter of Guide Only – living costs in Australia are A$20,290 per year; return air fare is A$2,000 for single person; if you have partner it will be A$7,100 for one year and if you have children it will be A$3,040 per child. If child is above age 6 and going to school the cost will be A$8,000 per child per year. Tuition fees for one full year are to be added as costs; for example, it is A$30,000 for one year you have to add into costs. For example, if an applicant is married with two children, he must show finance of A$20,290 (self) +A$7,100(partner)+A$3,040(child)0+A$3,040(child)+A$8,000(return airfare)+A$16,000(children going to school)+A$30,000 (Tuition Fee for one year)=A$87,470 – finance available in bank account or fixed deposit or approved bank loan.


Admission into course will depend upon age, IELTS English test Academic module appeared in last 12 months with min requirements in each band, year 12 or equivalent GCO or GCO A Level and subjects studied in high school.  For post graduate course min bachelor degree completed and so on for Ph.D. courses and other courses.


You must keep Dept. informed about changes in circumstances if your partner falls pregnant or you change address or phone number or email address or any kind of circumstances dept must be kept informed.


You must adhere to visa conditions of work limitation, maintaining health insurance, study progress, etc; and if you breach any condition you will end up in either visa refusal if you apply further visa or visa cancellation and you may have appeal rights which you must exercise within time limit permitted.



What would you do if your student visa is refused or cancelled?


Large numbers of overseas students get visa refusal for several reasons. If you have applied onshore in Australia most likely you will have an appeal right but if you have applied overseas in your home country you would most probably will not have an appeal right.


Many overseas students face student visa cancellation due to breach of conditions or overstaying or other reasons. If your visa is cancelled in Australia, you will have an appeal right. If cancelled overseas you may have an appeal right.


Visa refusal and Visa cancellation are complex areas of immigration laws. You must consult highly experienced registered migration agent to seek further action. BMS Global has been providing services of appeals to overseas students for 20 years and please feel free to contact us for visa refusal or visa cancellation.


Please note that immigration dept will grant you visa, but you must clear border protection dept to enter Australia. Many overseas students were not allowed to enter Australia and their visas were cancelled while they were under immigration clearance. If this happens, you will be taken into DETENSION and you will be removed from Australia. You will have an appeal right but very strict time limit applies so you must contact highly experienced registered migration agent. BMS Global did handle such cases however please note that this situation can cost you lot of money so be prepared and if you are not able to bear the cost, it would be best to return home.


What is AAT Appeal?


AAT stands for Administrative Appeals Tribunal –when visa is refused or cancelled and if you have an appeal right, you can lodge appeal to AAT. The appeals fee is very high and also the cost of an agent who will assist you to lodge an appeal and take up further to provide submission to AAT. BMS Global has been providing AAT Appeal services for 20 years and we were successful in many cases. If you are a genuine student and have genuine reasons you are welcome to contact us for AAT appeals.


What is Ban Period?


If you overstay or if your visa is cancelled or for any other reasons if Dept. imposes Ban on you to re-enter Australia, you may have an appeal right. Please note seriously condition 4020 about BOGUS Documents and Incorrect Information provided to Dept of Immigration while applying for visa. Many people think that by providing Bogus Documents and false information one can get visa; but remember that visa once issued can be cancelled by Dept of Immigration and Ban can be imposed to re-enter Australia. Condition 4020 is really dangerous condition so you must never provide Bogus Documents or Incorrect Information to Dept of Immigration while applying for visa. BMS Global has dealt with issues of condition 4020 and also dealt with AAT appeals so please contact us if you have issues of Ban period or 4020 condition.


Does BMS Global provide free service?


No, never, BMS Global DOES NOT PROVIDE FREE service to anybody. Our initial consulting fee is between A$100 to A$250 or more; and if you wish to have an expert advice and in case of expert advice fee will be A$500. Student Visa application processing fee is between A$1,500 to A$2,500 or more depending upon complexity of case. All Govt visa fees and other costs of medicals, x-ray, police checks, or translation or any other costs associated with your application will be extra. We are certainly not a “CHEAP AGENT”. BMS Global has tremendous, sound and solid experience in dealing with Student Visa cases so our fee is based on amount of work involved. Also wages in Australia are very high so to meet with labour costs we do not provide free service. Please refer to the testimonials provided to us by our past clients and how happy were they to receive services from us.


Australia has world class 41 Universities and 1,100 Institutes who provide all kinds of education to overseas students from almost 200 different countries. Overseas students can study Nursing, Medical, Engineering, IT, Accounting, Agriculture, Professional, Health, Hospitality and Trade Courses in Australia. Overseas students can study Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree, Degree, Post Graduate Degree and Ph.D. in Australia. Overseas students can also study English and Non-award courses in Australia. Now, as an overseas student you must think the varieties of education available to you to choose your career pathway and also to migrate to Australia if you wish to do so. If you end up choosing wrong course and wrong institute you will end up in miserable situation to losing all your money and time. You will achieve nothing and you will go home ‘empty handed’. Australia is a very costly country and losing HUGE amount of money for your parents can be real shock if you do not achieve what you have desired for to study in Australia.


BMS Global has vast experience in dealing with overseas students for 20 years so if you wish to make your DREAM a REALITY you are welcome to contact us for study in Australia and we will provide you the BEST POSSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE at the most reasonable cost to you.