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We specialise in Australian visa applications such as temporary
work visa subclass 482, Employer nomination under RSMS scheme
subclass 187, Partner visa, Skilled Migration, Business visa, Student
visa, Visitor visa and AAT appeals for reused or cancelled visas. We also
liaise with Australian employers if the applicant is seeking sponsorship
for either temporary or permanent work visas.

Why would you need Experienced Registered Migration Agent
to process and lodge your Visa Application for Australian Visas?

A Million Dollar Question and We give a Billion Dollar Answer:

  • Australian Immigration Laws are so much so COMPLEX that they are more complex than Criminal Laws! Visa applicant must meet with several criteria at the time of application, at the time of decision and at the time of visa grant. Do you have any idea about complexity of Australian Immigration Laws???!!!
  • Australian Immigration Laws are CHANGING frequently – during last couple of years laws have changed so much so that it had become very difficult to keep track and record of all changes –  would you have any idea about various lists of occupations for migration to Australia???!!!
  • One fails all fail – if you have included family members and any one of you fails to meet with any requirements, for example, medicals examination fails, all of you will fail in the application; so be prepared right from the beginning!
  • Visa Application Fees are now Sky rocketing – Partner Visa Govt fee plus other costs can cost you A$10,000 and if you fail in the application you can lose all these money because no refund will be made to applicant; Do you want to lose HUGE amounts of Visa Fees???!!!
  • Be prepared for “odd” and “weird” queries while your application remains pending with Dept of Home Affairs (Dept). These days Dept is raising various kinds of queries and if would not answer them properly then you would certainly fail in your application; why would you risk your application!
  • Why would you need EXPERIENCED Registered Migration Agent? If you have read above facts you would notice how hard to answer queries of Dept; for example, in your partner visa if Dept is asking about whereabouts of your ex-partner and you would not have any clue how to answer such queries and you end up in negative reply and here is where ONLY EXPERIENCED Registered Migration Agent can assist you to bring in success for your application.

How BMS Global Registered Migration Agent Australia can assist you in your visa applications

We have been providing immigration services for Australian Visas
such as 482 temporary work, 187 permanent work under regional skilled
migration scheme (RSMS), Business and Skilled migration, Partner, Visitor,
Student, Parent, NZ Family visa and appeals to Administrative Appeals
Tribuna (AAT) for visas refused or cancelled. We have over 18 years of
continuous experience in dealing with visa applications with Department
of Immigration and Border Protection Australia.

STUDY IN MALAYSIA – MBBS-Wonderful Opportunites for OVERSEAS Students to make their DREAMS come TRUE to become DOCTOR

Tuition Fees Cheaper than Chips

University in Malaysia offers courses in fields of Medical, Engineering, Computer Science and Business & Management at MOST AFFORDABLE Tuition Fees and Living Costs – Degree. Postgraduate and Ph.D. courses
We are Authorized Agent for this university in Malaysia
We also will assist you for obtaining work permit after completing your studies in Malaysia to recover your costs of study and living expenses.



International students encounter obstacles when applying to Australian educational institutions due to strict visa criteria, limited enrollment availability, and shifts in immigration regulations. Visa revocations, deportations, and perceived bias exacerbate these challenges. Attributing blame varies, influenced by personal circumstances and policy alterations. Yes, We have Answers for thousands of Questions of International Students because we have been providing services to International Students since last 25 years as Independent Education Consultant and Registered Migration Agent

Meet Our Registered
Migration Agent

Mr. Satish Patel is a Registered Migration Agent No.0000548 and he has been providing immigration assistance in various kinds of visas for Australia for the last 20 years.

He has successfully dealt with Skilled Migration (Independent and Sponsored), Student Visas, Parents/Visitors/Spouse Visas, Temporary Work Visa Subclass 482 and Permanent Visa under Employment Nomination Scheme and Administrative Appeals Tribunal Appeals (AAT Appeals MRD Division).

Mr. Satish Patel, MARN 0000548 is trading as BMS GLOBAL. We are promoting Australian Education to Overseas Students and provide them the best possible pathway to fulfill their dreams to achieve the careers of their choices and also provide them assistance if they wish to apply either for Temporary Work Visa of 24 Months or Permanent Residency after completion of their studies in Australia.

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Q & A  – Australia Visa Migration

BMS Global has been providing Immigration Services for various kinds of Australian Visas to overseas students, visitors, skilled & business migrants, employer sponsored work visas and administrative appeals for those whose receive visa refusal or visa cancellation for last 20 years.

We often come across Overseas Students, Visitors, Backpackers and Temporary Visa Holders in Australia who have various kinds of questions in their minds and they have been looking for advice – how best they can migrate to Australia, how best they can get permanent residency in Australia, what are pathways they fulfill their dreams to make Australia home and a few of them asking about investment in Australia and business visa for Australia.

We have introduced Q & A for various kinds of queries from prospective clients. We do not provide free consultation; however, our fee varies from as little as A$100 to A$500 for complex enquiries. You must be aware of those who give FREE Advice as those people can misguide or spoil your chances of success to get visa for Australia.

Q & A – Student Visa Australia and Study in Australia
Q & A – Visitor Visa Australia
Q & A – Skilled Migration Australia
Q & A – Business Migration Australia
Q & A – Partner Visa Australia Onshore & Offshore 
Q & A – Employer Sponsored Temporary & Permanent Visa
Q & A – 400 Series Visa for Special Purpose Visa 
Q & A – Visa Conditions for Australian Visas
Q & A – Administrative Appeals Tribunal Appeals for Visa Refused or Visa Cancelled by Dept of Home Affairs Australia
Q & A – News & Court Cases

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We are based in West Perth, Western Australia. We have successfully dealt with many complex and challenging immigration cases.

We often come across people who have been refused visas or have had their visas cancelled and when we go through their details we find that many of them have not met their visa criteria or they have breached their visa conditions. It is very usual to blame others, however, if you want to achieve success you must blame yourself.

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