How Best BMS Global can assist overseas school students and their parents to come to Australia for school study of children and How Best BMS Global can assist parents of overseas school students to save thousands of dollars to study and live in Australia?

  • Australia offers world class school education to overseas school students in primary, secondary, high school as well as pre-university foundation courses. Parents can come with children under Guardian Visa subclass 590 and school students will get student visa (school stream). Initial they get 2 years of visa and later 5 years and so on. Student must be 6 years of age or above and biological parents or their relative or appointed person above age 21 can be guardian and strict rules apply for guardians as guardians cannot work in Australia and cannot travel alone leaving behind children in Australia. No Work Condition for Guardians is very important because breach of this condition will lead to visa cancellation for both of them. Many agents overseas have been promoting school education visa telling guardians that parents can work or one of the parents can work; this is not true; it is fraud and please do not a trap to unscrupulous agent. School education in Australia can be through Public Schools or Private School or Colleges meant for such education. School education is very costly and it can cost A$15,000 or more per year and living cost A$20,290 per year and return airfare A$2,000 per person and health insurance is compulsory. High School education to overseas students have been provided in Australia as per age of the student;
  • less than 17 years old when you begin Year 9
  • less than 18 years old when you begin Year 10
  • less than 19 years old when you begin Year 11
  • less than 20 years old when you begin Year 12;

Certain level of English requires for Secondary and High School Students and if they do not meet with English requirements they have to pay extra tuition fees on top of regular tuition fees.

How Best BMS Global can assist you to save thousands of dollars? Every State and Territory in Australia offers school education. Some schools are very costly, some schools are moderate and some schools are economical. BMS Global will search for you the best school at the most economical tuition fee and suggest how best you can save thousands of dollars. BMS Global can also suggest you whether it will be worth coming to Australia for school study. Your children can very well complete School Education in your home country and come to Australia for High School Study or Pre-University Foundation courses to join university later on.

  • Australia offers Higher Education in varieties of courses such as arts, science, commerce, engineering, IT, telecommunication, trades (carpenter, welder, fitter, cook, chef etc), professional (teachers, managers, lawyers etc), agriculture, accounting (banking, finance etc), health (aged care etc), nursing (registered nurses of various kinds), medical (doctor, dentist, radiologist etc), hospitality (hotel industry courses) and highly specialised courses in cyber security, network engineering, solar power and renewal energy, water and waste management etc. If you wish your child to study school education in Australia, it would lot better to choose the most appropriate field right from beginning so that child can proceed in a particular direction to achieve better future for himself/herself. BMS Global has 20 years of experience in dealing with overseas students and can certainly assist school students and their parents to come to Australia for school study at proper place and most economical price. Please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you.
  • Unless you are super rich or neo rich the most important thing for school study for your child will be to save money as much as possible because child rearing costs too much money in Australia and Guardian Parents CANNOT WORK IN Australia while holding Guardian Visa. Children will be too young to work for themselves so you must have ongoing income to meet with tuition fees and living costs in Australia. Student and Parents can have initial consulting from BMS Global and small amount of money will save you thousands of dollars and also will give you peace of mind! You are welcome to contact us anytime suitable to you.