Rejected And Complex Cases

We often come across enquiries of rejected and complex immigration cases. Applicants have become unlawful either due to overstaying, visa ceased, visa refusal or visa cancellation and they then try to find ways to remain in Australia or to apply a kind of visa in Australia to regularise their stay in Australia. Many applicants enquire from overseas that such and such things happened and their visas either have been refused or cancelled by Dept of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) why cases get rejected and why their situations become complex to deal with Dept. There may be several reasons among them prominent reasons may be the following reasons:

(a) Candidates become over confident in applying for visas ignoring complex nature of Immigration Laws and Regulations;

(b) Candidates seek “FREE” advice from their friends, relatives, people known to them and cheap agents and do not get proper advice for processing of their applications and

(c) Especially cases handled by cheap agents and some of them do not have any registration with Migration Agents Registration Authority and candidates have been applying through them and end up in either visa refusal or visa cancellation. Candidates think that they have engaged cheap agents and saved money but in reality these cheap agents simply dump the applications by filling in names, addresses, contact details without going deeper into requirements of complex and demanding immigration laws and regulations. Who suffer, naturally the candidates and then they seek someone with specialised knowledge so the candidates can again try to lodge applications. Many times we have come across that cases have become so much so spoiled that nothing can be done for those candidates who have either submitted bogus documents or done fraud with Dept. However, the best remedy would be to consult an agent who has experience in dealing with rejected and complex cases.

Our processing fees vary case to case and are subject to the complexity of the case and amount of work involved. We also offer initial consultations for those who want to better understand the visa process and their options, after which we will advise of our charges if you wish to proceed with us. Consultations cost from A$100-$200 or more depending on the complexity of the case.

We at BMS Global have been providing following immigration services:

We at BMS Global have been providing immigration services since last 16 years and handled several kinds of cases successfully. The best way to consult an expert immigration agent would be that;

1. Write down all your dates so called “Historical Dates” meaning by right from date of arrival till final dates you received visa refusal or visa cancellation or ended up in complex situations whereby Dept would be enquiring about your case while your case remained pending with Dept for further processing

2. Write down all events those have occurred such as your Date of Birth, Education dates from start to finish for all qualification that you have, Work experience dates with all details of title held, duties carried, names of employers and their contact details and your level of English and any other details relevant to your case

3. Write down what Dept was enquiring and why – what had gone wrong in submission of documents and verification of documents. You must keep records of all your details and

4. Finally you can consult experienced registered migration agent and provide him/her all your details so agent will be able to understand the situation as a ‘whole’ and not as segmentations. Immigration laws have changed several times and you may be benefited by laws prevailing at the time of your application or agent will have more deeper knowledge to solve your case and of course, you must be willing to bear the costs as nothing is free in Western World so the case with agents working in Australia. Many applicants expect free services and services at cheaper prices which is not possible with us, however, you should feel free to shop around and then to decide who will be the best to solve your rejected and complex case.

  • Overstaying, unlawful, detention, bridging visa, and options for migration to Australia if it is possible to apply while remaining in Australia, if not, applicants will be requested to apply from outside of Australia
  • Re-Entry Bans of one year to three years and waiver for re-entry bans and what kinds of visas can be applied inside or outside of Australia
  • Waiver for conditions such as 8503, 8534, 8535 etc, if possible or you will have to listen to our advice that please do not waste your time and money trying to remain in Australia and it would be in your best interest to apply from outside of Australia
  • Partner Visa (spouse and de-facto), Skilled Migration (Independent, State/Territory Sponsored, Relative sponsored), Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS and Regional Employer Nomination Scheme RSMS), Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Occupational Trainee Visa, Labour Agreement Visa, Parents Visa, Business Visa and MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) Appeals
  • We do charge initial consulting fee and it varies between A$220 to $440 or more depending upon complexity of case, costs of agencies from where we have to source information and expert’s advice
  • We can be contacted at contact details provided and we will try our best to attend your case as early as possible.

Please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you by email or phone.