Competency Demonstration Reports

CDRs – Competency Demonstration Reports & IT Occupations Skills Assessment

Are You Frustrated or Disappointed for Skills Assessment of Engineering Occupations and IT Occupations for Migration to Australia?

We have solutions for you–

You MUST be Genuine, Fluent in English, Financially Sound and Highly Skilled Professional to apply for Engineering or IT Occupations for Migration to Australia

From our experience of last 16 years, we can definitely tell you that it is indeed frustrating and disappointing and nerve breaking experience to prepare CDRs (Competency Demonstration Reports) for Skills Assessment for Engineering Occupations. So will be the case with IT Occupations where education in different countries have been imparted in various ways and IT Professional must prove education as well as work experience on par with standards of Australia and as required by skills assessing authority. Some exemption may apply when applicants have completed education in Australia; however, think about costs of education in Australia and duration to complete additional qualification in Australia (Qualification additional means education in addition to education you already have in your own country).

As such we have been providing skills assessment as well as visa processing for skilled migration applications since last 16 years for almost all kinds of occupation such as IT, Engineering, Accounting, Professionals of various fields, Medical professionals and Trades persons such as mechanics, carpenters, welders, fitters, etc.

Among all the above occupations we have found preparation of CDRs for Engineering Occupations and preparation of applications for IT Occupations really nerve breaking. It is not only time consuming but also demand challenging expression of views in English and in as precise as possible manner. A very few have real command over English and making reports as short as possible would be a Herculean Task.

You as an applicant for IT or Engineering Occupations must also work with us side by side as we assist you to prepare your CDRs and applications for skills assessment for IT Occupations and you must be able to express your work experience in your own words. As we told you above this kind of experience is time consuming, frustrating, disappointing and nerve breaking but please do bear in mind that you have been trying to migrate to Australia as Highly Skilled Professionals so you must prove that you have those virtues by which Dept of Immigration would believe that you do really have those skills for migration to Australia.

As we pointed out to your earlier, not many have fluency in English in real sense whereby an applicant will be able to express himself/herself in shortest manner possible. Applicants do have experience and knowledge; however, applicant’s mother tongue would not be English and would not have studied degree in English. We have come across candidates whose mother tongue was English and who have studied degree in English, however, they also had great difficulty in expressing themselves in the manner skills assessing authorities in Australia required for skilled migration applications.

If one person is not able to carry out work independently then it must be team work and that is what we wish to advise you that we have been providing CDRs for Engineering Occupations and skills assessments for IT Occupations with the help of our team. Our team is made up of various individuals of different cultural backgrounds; however, they have achieved expertise over the period of time by going through all hurdles of dealing with different skills assessing authorities in Australia.

If you wish to avail our services for CDRs and IT Occupations skills assessment, please send us EXACT DATES Of your birth, Education, Work Experience and IELTS English score. Please note that IELTS English test may be General or Academic as required by occupation. As mentioned to you earlier, the exercise of making CDRs or IT Occupations is Complex, Time Consuming, Demanding and Challenging, our price range varies case to case depending on the amount of work involved and per application depending upon work involved in each case. Each case will be judged on its merits and we would quote you accordingly.

Please feel free to send your details to us by email and please do provide us complete and detailed information about your age, education, work experience and English level.