TRADESPEOPLE  in Demand in Australia

  1. Diesel Motor Mechanic Heavy Duty – Mechanical Fitter
  2. Sheetmetal Trades Worker
  3. Metal Fabricator
  4. Pressure Welder
  5. Welder (First Class)
  6. Fitter (General)
  7. Fitter and Turner / Lathe/Mill Operator
  8. Fitter-Welder
  9. Metal Machinists (First Class) – CNC Operator/CNC Programmer/FENUC / G-codes
  10. Tool Maker

Candidate MUST have at least one year or more of National Certificate; Apprenticeship in his trade most desirable/ Min 5 years work experience (actual practical hands on work experience) (those supervisors or managers NOT suitable)

IELTS English test any module appeared in last 12 months – min 5 score in EACH BAND of speaking, listening, reading and writing (for permanent migration min 6 in Each Band required) (for work visa min 5 in each band ok at present – can increase to 6 over period of time)

No Age limit for temporary work visa but preferred age group 25 to 35

Age limit for permanent migration 45 at the time of application

Candidate can include their partners and children below age 18 in their applications

Medical Tests for all included in application (if anybody has any medical condition NOT TO ACCEPT that candidate)(it can cost A$350 for single person and about A$1,000 for family of four – husband, wife and two children)

Police checks for all 16 years and above and wherever they lived 12 months or more police check for each country will be required (if anybody included in application has been convicted or has any remark not to accept that candidate)(cost varies country to country) (may be between A$50 to A$100 per person)

Skills Assessment Compulsory for Indian Passport Holders – Govt fees are very high – attached please find list of govt fees for skills assessment (candidate must be able to communicate in English because of Technical Interview and Practical Assessment where examiner will speak only English language); Min Govt. Skills Assessment fee will be A$1,280+2,000+2,200=A$5,480; skills assessment valid for 3 years; candidate gets AQF Certificate III of his trade AQF Australian Qualification Framework

Govt. Visa Fees very high A$2,455 for applicant, A$2,455 for partner included in application, A$615 per child included in application

Medical Insurance Compulsory A$109 per month for Single person and A$240 per month for family of 4 (husband, wife and two children) and it is to be continued for 4 years

Visa can be applied for 4 years and max term 4 years

Sponsorship Govt Fee A$420 (valid for 5 years for standard business sponsor)

Nomination Govt Fee A$330 per nomination (valid for 12 months for nominee) (per visa application)

SAF – Skilling Australia Fund Levy – Training of Local Australians – Compulsory Govt Fee A$1,200 per year for Business turnover less than A$10 million and A$1,800 per year for Business turnover A$10 million or more; it means for 4 years of visa it can cost A$4,800 per application or A$7,200 per application

From the above once can notice that Govt Fees are too high and requirements are very complex for Australian Immigration

Earnings of Tradespeople in Australia

Hourly Rate between A$34 to A$41 to A$51 depending upon size of company and location; 38 hours per week; 52 weeks in one year; 10 public holidays off; 4 weeks paid annual leave after 12 months of service; Super @9.50% on basic annual salary; Overtime depends upon company – generally not available but if available may be time and half or double depending upon how person works (on what hours and on what days); so annually a person can expect to earn about A$67,184 at the lowest rate of A$34 per hour, 38 hours per week, 52 weeks in a year + Super @9.50 on A$67,184 = $6,382.48 so total earnings per year A$73,566.48 X 4 years = A$294,265.92 rounded off to A$300,000 in 4 years. Income tax payable on gross annual income is about 20%; however, person gets super @9.50% plus interest on super savings on compounding rates about 10% per year so actually person pays about 10% income tax and costs of rent and living may be about A$70,000; so a person can expect to save about A$200,000 over period of 4 years. If a person has partner the income of partner will be extra and that can count sizeable income over period of 4 years (may be between A$100,000 to A$200,000 over period of 4 years).