Trade Study in Australia

How Best BMS Global can assist Overseas Students to take advantage of the most useful courses in Australia and How Best BMS Global can save thousands of dollars to study and live in Australia?

  • Why BMS Global says Trade Courses are the Most Useful in Australia? BMS Global has 20 years experience in providing immigration services to Overseas Students. Large Numbers of Overseas Students have ended up in miserable situations in Australia by taking up courses in odd areas or general areas where students have ended up in “nowhere” situations; Neither useful to Australia nor useful to their home countries or can have jobs elsewhere in developed or developing countries. Would you confuse yourself with Trade and Trading? Many overseas students do not understand difference between Trade and Trading. In Australia Trade means a particular occupation such as carpenter, welder, fitter, cook, chef, baker, pastry cook, electrician, plumber, linesman, electronic instrument mechanic, motor mechanic, wall and floor tiler, bricklayer, stonemason, and so on the list is long and these occupations have GREAT Demand in Australia and people who work in these occupation are known as “Tradies” and they earn very high amount of money in Australia. Trading means doing business of shares or export or import or sales etc where a person is engaged in buying or selling activities and these are generalised areas where many would like to work and their earnings in Australia is average and now due to high wages in Australia many large companies have been engaging people overseas in Thailand or Philippines so jobs in local areas in Australia have been reducing day by day. Whereas Tradies can do limited work and that too manually or part manually and part machine so that most tradies are in great demand and earn much higher than others. Overseas students do not have much idea about demand of tradies in Australia because in those countries tradies are traditionally poor or less educated poorly paid workers who have learnt their trade from generation to generation. In Australia, Trade courses are highly specialised courses ranging from a year to two years to three or four years and students must work with employers as apprentices.

We at BMS Global welcome you to contact us if you are genuinely interested in trade courses in Australia and we guarantee you that these trade courses have great benefits to overseas students in Australia.

  • Instead of selecting general diploma courses in business or management or marketing etc BMS Global suggest that overseas students must decide their careers in advance and select trade courses to move forward and BMS Global can assist overseas students because we have 20 years of experience in dealing with overseas students. Think about a career in mechanical field and this field will have thousands of areas but if you select to be a mechanic it would be better to study motor mechanic course in Australia and then move onto do higher degree course specialising in Auto mechanic and you will have great earnings and great career. But if you select to study diploma in business it will lead you nowhere because you have not acquired specialised skills. In developed countries you would need specialised skills and once you have specialised skills you can move to New Zealand, Canada, US, UK, Europe and the Middle East and any country where you will find best deal for your trade. So, can be case with carpenter, welder, fitter, electrician, chef, plumber, stonemason, bricklayer and so on.
  • Trade courses can lead you to apply for 18 months of full time work visa in Australia after completing your studies in Australia and later you may have opportunity to apply for further work visa for 4 years and later opportunity to apply for permanent visa through employer nomination or you may opt for skilled migration on point basis. If you were to be a client of BMS Global, we will keep you informed everything about immigration right from beginning till end of your study in Australia. If you have completed Diploma in business or marketing or management it will not lead you to apply for further visa and you will feel waste of money after completing such courses in Australia.
  • Tradies in Australia can earn min A$20 or more per hour as min wages and later can earn min A$28 and with experience of couple of years they earn up to A$35 per hour and many expert tradies earn more than A$50 per hour and you can imagine their yearly earning which range between A$65,000 to A$85,000 or more. With the trade qualification of Australia and work experience anywhere you can migrate to NZ, Canada, US, UK, Europe, the Middle East as Australian Qualification is recognised worldwide. BMS Global has been processing graduate work visa subclass 485, temporary work visa subclass 482, permanent migration visa 187 as well as skilled migration visa subclass 189 (independent) or 190 (state sponsored) or 489 (family sponsored) for 20 years and can certainly assist overseas students to make their DREAMS come true provided they have been a client for BMS Global.
  • BMS Global has been promoting a very highly specialised institute in cookery, events, food & beverage and restaurant management courses in Australia where this is one and only one institute who will take interview of overseas students over phone and will admit students only when they will find student as genuine as otherwise they do not select the student. Not only that this particular institute also provides paid internship (paid employment) to overseas students with guarantee right from day one of course till last day of course. This institute selects only young students between age 18 to 20 with Year 12 high marks and having studied English, Science, and Maths in Year 12. Also student must be fluent in English with min 6 in each band of IELTS English test Academic Module. We have very good rapport with Unique Institute in Australia and please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you.
  • BMS Global highly recommends Overseas Students to select appropriate trade course at young age so that you will achieve great milestones in your career and your doors will open for any country in the world. We have expertise and we can assist overseas students to select the most appropriate trade course and institute in Australia which would be most economical and prestigious so that you can save HUGE amount of money to study and live in Australia and also can apply for further 18 months of full time work visa in Australia and have options open for migration to Australia. You are welcome to contact us anytime suitable to you.
  • Australia offers large numbers of trade courses to overseas students – civil engineering draftsperson, civil engineering technician, electrical engineering draftsperson, electrical engineering technician radio communications technician, telecommunications field engineer, telecommunications technical officer or technologist, automotive electrician, motor mechanic (general), diesel motor mechanic, motorcycle mechanic, small engine mechanic sheetmetal trades worker metal fabricator welder (first class), fitter (general), fitter and turner, fitter-welder, metal machinist (first class), locksmith,  panel beater, bricklayer stonemason carpenter and joiner  carpenter joiner painting trades worker, glazier,  fibrous plasterer, solid wall and floor tiler, plumber (general), air-conditioning and mechanical services plumber, drainer, gasfitter, roof plumber, electrician (general), electrician (special class), lift mechanic, air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanic, technical cable jointer, electronic equipment trades worker, electronic instrument trades worker (general), electronic instrument trades worker (special class), chef, horse trainer, cabinetmaker, boat builder and repairer, shipwright and so on.
  • Overseas Students must take care to select course and institutes because some courses are offered to overseas students and some are not so if you end up in a course not suitable for migration purpose you will lose huge amount of money. There are 1,100 institutes and many of them do offer some course or the other but you must be very careful in dealing with any institute in Australia. Some institutes do offer work place based training program and work done by you can be useful to apply further visa. Some institutes do not provide any work place based training and you will lose your chance to apply for further visa in Australia and you will end up losing all your money so as overseas students you must consult highly experienced registered migration agent and education consultant. BMS Global welcomes overseas students as we have 20 years of experience in dealing with overseas students for various kinds of visa applications for Australia.