Student visa subclass 500 for overseas students who wish to study in Australia



  • A$20 per hour and 20 hours per week Paid Internship with most prestigious and Internationally Reputed Hotels – Guaranteed Employment – Earn While You Learn – You can work full time 40 hours or more during your vacations
  • Courses – Careers in Chef, Food & Beverage, Events Manager, Restaurant Manager and other occupations related to Hotel Industry
  • Tuition fees only about A$18,000 per annum; Courses are of only 2 years duration – you can package courses with higher degree in Universities
  • 18 months of full time work visa possibility after completion of course in Australia and/or
  • 2 to 4 years of full time work visa under temporary skills shortage visa
  • Permanent Migration possibility under regional skilled migration scheme or transitional work visa or employer nomination scheme
  • Excellent location and superb facilities in the college campus and 24/7 public transport
  • You MUST Be 18 years old, Year 12 with First Division 60% marks or above; 60% or above marks in English, Maths and Science subjects; IELTS English test score ACADEMIC min 6 in Each Band; physically and mentally fit for hard work and financially sound to bear costs of tuition fees and living in Australia
  • No second job or cleaning job will be allowed; you must be serious, sincere, dedicated, honest and career oriented person willing to compete course within duration allowed – If you are not genuine student you will not be selected because selection process is real tough, vigorous and rigorous
  • Australian Immigration Laws are Complex and Changing frequently, if you are our client, we will keep you informed about changes so that you would be able to prepare yourself for options for migration to Australia
  • Our fee to provide you selection of course, preparation of documents for student visa application, enrolment, lodgement of student visa application online and follow up with Dept of Immigration, Australia till final outcome isAUD$2,500 + Govt. Visa Fee A$583 including 1.32% credit card surcharge for VISA or Master Card for single person – We would welcome only GENUINE students who are career orientated in Hotel Industry and who are financially sound to bear the costs of tuition fees and living costs in Australia. Please feel free to contact us at contact details provided

Paid Internship – Paid Employment in Australia – Earn While You Learn! How wonderful will it be that you start earning min about A$20 per hour for 20 hours per week right from day you commence your course till end of your course. Your earnings can pay off tuition fees and living costs in Australia and you gain invaluable work experience along with education and it can help you in future to gain much higher position in Hotel Industry – Chef, F & B Manager, Restaurant Manager, Events Manager and other positions in Hotel Industry. This education program may also assist you to gain further visa of 18 months full time work in Australia or 2 to 4 years of temporary work visa in Australia or apply for permanent residency under employer nomination scheme if you become eligible to apply for any kind of further visa in Australia. If you are our client we will keep you informed about all immigration requirements for Australia and we will assist you lodge your application for further visa in Australia as we have tremendous experience of immigration and visa applications for Australia for over 18 years as we are registered migration agent of Australia for more than 18 years and our migration agents registration number is 0000548 trading as BMS Global, West Perth, WA, Australia, 6005 and our Principal Registered Migration Agent is Mr. Satish Patel, MARN 0000548. Please feel free to contact us any time suitable to you because the selection process of the college is very stringent, vigorous and rigorous and places are limited.

There are 3 intakes in one year – February, July and October each year. Please hurry up if you are sincere, serious, dedicated and genuinely interested in making a career in Hotel Industry and you must be fluent in English and you must be financially sound to bear costs of study in Australia. To provide services of selection of course and packaging of course with University Studies in Australia, assisting you to prepare documents for seeking admission, enrolment, preparation of documents to apply for visa, application for student visa online, submission of documents of documents, and follow up till final outcome of your student visa application, our fee is AUD$2,500 + Student Visa fee exact to be paid at the time application but currently it isA$583 including 1.32% credit card surcharge for VISA or MASTER CARD (more credit card surcharge for other credit cards).

Overseas students for all over the world are welcome to contact us for this unique opportunity of earn while you learn in Australia!

Hospitality Industry Courses (Chef, Food & Beverage, Restaurant and Events Management Courses WITH PAID EMPLOYMENT IN AUSTRALIA – Learn while your Earn and pay your tuition fees and living costs in Australia – If you are seriously and genuinely interested in making your career in Hospitality Industry you have come to the most appropriate place you will invest your money into your future and you will not waste money). Please feel free to contact us for more information as soon as possible as places get filled very quickly and intake of overseas student is taken three times a year – February, July and October each year.

Australia offers education in all fields of studies:

Australia offers education in IT, Accounting, Engineering, Science, Medical, Arts, Communication, Law, Solar and Renewable Energy, Technology and so on; the list is endless. Overseas student must be careful in selecting course and institute as otherwise money instead of investing in your future will go waste and you will end up in miserable situation. Student Visa application processing is one of our specialities and we give below UNIQUE opportunity to overseas students who are genuinely interested in studying in Hospitality Industry courses of Chef, Food & Beverage, Restaurant Manager, Chef, Events and other related careers. We have association with Internationally acclaimed college in Australia who provides career courses -classroom teachings along with paid internship (paid employment) to overseas students right from day one till end of course and overseas students may have options to apply for further visa either for temporary work visa or for permanent visa. If these students are our clients, we will provide them the best possible service to make their ‘dreams’ come true to make Australia “Home!”

Student Visa subclass 500/590 – Overseas students are ‘vulnerable’ and many have ended up in courses not relevant to their careers and many have wasted their money so called overseas education where they would have been better off back home in their home countries. Well, if you are serious student and if you have genuine interest in building your career in Hospitality Industry – Chef, Food & Beverage, Restaurant Manager, Events and related careers- we will be the best to assist you to make your ‘dreams’ come true as we are associated with an Institute who provides classroom training as well as industry placement with paid employment opportunities in your careers so that you can move with great confidence in your chosen careers and achieve great milestones with luxurious income in future.

We welcome only GENUINE and FINANCIALLY SOUND overseas students from “DECENT” families to contact us for this Golden Opportunity to learn and earn from day one till last day of your course. Paid employment can give min A$20 per hour (or more) for 20 hours of work per week which can help you to pay off your tuition fees as well as gain practical hands on work experience with which your job is guaranteed with five star establishment if you seriously take up such courses at the institute which we will recommend to you. Hourly rate A$20 per hour mentioned is the minimum but many of the employers in Australia pay about A$22-$24 per hour during weekdays and A$27-A$28 per hour during weekends and public holidays. Your intention MSUT Be To Make a Career in Hospitality Industry and not to earn money and simply dream about receiving residency in Australia. The process of selecting candidate is very rigorous so after going through your educational and other background, we interview and sort list the candidates and they will then be interviewed by the institute for final selection and after that you can apply for student visa and we can assist you in the process of applying for student visa and we do charge our fees to you to process your student visa application. These are the reasons; we expect enquiries ONLY FROM GENUINE and FINANCIALLY SOUND STUDENTS from DECENT FAMILIES.

Attached please find Fee Structure for the year 2018 courses in various fields of study in Hospitality Industry courses in college in Australia.
Attached please find Industry Partners for Paid Internship Paid Employment for overseas students

Attached please find List of Courses, Careers and Units covered by each course

Courses offered in Hospitality Industry are as follows:

  • Commercial Cookery Certificate III & IV;
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management;
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Event Management; and
  • Advanced Diploma Combined Hospitality and Event Management;
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management with Commercial Cookery Certificate III or IV as major

The above courses are career oriented with classroom training and paid internship with paid employment to gain practical hands on work experience which may be useful to overseas students to seek further visas such as subclass 485 with 18 months of full work rights and later temporary work visa subclass 482 and finally employer may select student for permanent visa under transition stream or direct entry stream. Students are employed by Five Star and Very Highly reputed firms so alternatively, students may be placed in other countries or back home countries in higher level positions. Overall if you wish to achieve career goals with bright future please contact us as our selection process is real tough and vigorous because College is very choosy about selecting overseas students. College wants totally dedicated and committed overseas students who would be genuinely interested in career in hospitality industry because highly reputed firms have been looking for young graduates to fill in positions in their establishments for longer period.

STUDY IN AUSTRALIA – Graduate, Post Graduate and Ph.D. courses at Universities in Australia

We also provide services of

  • Selection of courses and institutes
  • Enrolment
  • Preparation of Documents – finance, GTE, etc
  • Lodgement of Student Visa application online to Dept of Immigration, Australia
  • Submission of further documents
  • Follow up with Dept of Immigration, Australia until final outcome of visa application

We provide above services on individual basis and we provide you excellent guidance for migration options and we will keep you informed about changes in immigration laws if you were to be our clients for student visa services.

Our fees to provide above services are A$2,500  + Govt. Visa Fee A$583 including 1.32% credit card surcharge for more complex cases and up to A$4,500 for Ph.D. courses if you wish to choose research courses for you. Govt. Visa fees are always extra. We also provide you initial consulting services in the range of A$250 to A$500 for student visa – selection of course and institute and preparation of documents for student visa application.

We will only welcome Genuine, Financially Sound, Dedicated and Serious Overseas students who wish to invest money into their future and who do not wish to waste money in overseas education. If you were to be our client for student visa we will keep you informed about changes in immigration laws of Australia and also we will discuss with migration options after completing study in Australia.

Dept. of Immigration, Australia does offer further visa and pathway to temporary or permanent work visa to overseas students after completion of study in Australia, prominent among them are the following visas and you must meet with criteria at the time of application, at the time of decision and at the time of visa grant.

  • Graduate Full time work visa for 18 months for those who completed trade courses in Australia and 2 years full time work visa for those who completed Degree of at least 2 years in Australia and it is known as subclass 485 visa.
  • If you meet with requirements of temporary work visa subclass 482 you may be eligible to apply for 2 to 4 years of work visa in Australia and later may have option for permanent migration to Australia.
  • You may have option of applying for RSMS subclass 187 Direct Entry Visa if you find an employer in Regional Areas of Australia and if that employer does have genuine need to employ overseas skilled person – your education in Australia can benefit you greatly for such kind of visa.
  • You may have option of applying for Direct Entry Employer Nomination Visa subclass 186 if you find an employer in Metropolitan large city of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth; provided you meet with all requirements and your employer proves their genuine need to employ overseas skilled person.
  • If you have found soul mate of your life in Australia and if you have genuine relationship developed with your Australian Partner, you may have opportunity to apply for partner visa onshore in Australia. Australia is a truly multicultural society and has embraced nationalities of almost 200 different countries and you are welcome if you have genuine relationship developed in Australia. Please be aware of fake relationship and paying for visa and other scandals and you will never succeed and you may face ban of 3 years or more to re-enter Australia.
  • There may be a few more options based on your background, however, unless you are our client, we are not able to assess you further. We have vast experience of last 18 years providing immigration services for various kinds of visas and we assure you that you will never go wrong and we may be able to assist you to make your dream real to settle in Australia. Please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you and please do remember that ‘nothing is free in Western Countries and nothing must be Free in Western Countries’ so please do not expect us to give you FREE ADVISE as we receive large number of enquiries from overseas students and we solicit those who wish to pay for initial consulting and those who wish to become our client and engage us for providing services to them at the price we mutually agree with them. We wish you all the best to come to Australia for study in Australia!


This visa allows you to stay in Australia to study full-time in a recognised education institution – for recognised courses and institutes please refer to CRICOS Registered Courses –

To be eligible to apply for student visa for Australia you must be at least six years of age and have been accepted to study at an educational institution in Australia and have health insurance. You can get student visa up to 5 years. If you are below 18 years of age, you must have guardian and for that guardian has to apply for subclass 590 visa – Guardian must adhere to conditions attached to their visa, if they breach their conditions, visa granted will be cancelled by Dept of Immigration, Australia.

To enrol in Australia in school or college or university the overseas student must meet with min requirements of age, English, education, finance and GTE Genuine Temporary Entry requirements. Min age is 6 years and there is no max age however matured age students need to think carefully before they decide to come to Australia. Australian education is very costly and you should come to Australia only if you are financially sound.

Overseas students who are between 6 and 18 years of age must be accompanied by their close relatives or guardian and they have to apply separately for guardian visa subclass 590.

Min Education Requirements:

Depending upon course selected, student must have min education, for example, for studying Diploma they may need year 10 or 11 or 12 equivalent with certain percentage of marks and each institute has been given responsibility of admitting overseas students as per their requirements and their requirements may differ course to course and country to country. For example, for certain diploma courses, year 12 with first division may be compulsory so student has to meet that requirement.

English language test score


English language test providers Minimum test score Minimum test score where combined with at least 10 weeks ELICOS Minimum test score where combined with at least 20 weeks ELICOS
International English Language Testing System 5.5 5 4.5
TOEFL internet based test 46 35 32
Cambridge English: Advanced (Certificate in Advanced English) 162 154 147
Pearson Test of English Academic 42 36 30
Occupational English Test B for each test component N/A N/A

The test must have been taken no more than two years before you apply for your student visa.

Min Finance Requirements:

Certain Low Risk Countries such as West European Countries or USA, UK, CANADA, NZ and IRELAND may not need to show any finance available where as other countries must show finance available from their parents or third party and must prove whey the third party wish to support the student financially. All the countries worldwide including Western European as well as UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and NZ have to prove GTE – Genuine Temporary Entry Requirements and one of the criteria of GTE is that you have sufficient finance to study in Australia, if so, the countries mentioned here also have to prove that they have enough finance to study in Australia.

The base method of calculating finance requirements as follows:

  • Living expenses of main visa applicant A$20,290 per year;
  • Partner living expenses A$7,100 per year;
  • Dependent Child A$3,040 per year per child;
  • If child is school going additional A$8,000 per child must be provided;
  • Return airfare generally A$2,000 per person and child according to age but it is advisable to include full rate per child to be on safer side;
  • Tuition Fees for one full year.

Generally one year’s finance requirements should be ok but applicant must prove genuine access to funds and Bank Loans also accepted but only from recognised banks and not from all banks.

Courses also can be packaged with English learning or Foundation courses to join university.

Australia offers Primary, Secondary and High School Education as well as Certificate I, II, III, and IV and Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses for trades and also University courses for Degree and Post graduate and Ph.D. courses. Australia offers education through Govt Colleges called TAFE – Technical and Further Education and through Universities side by side by private colleges and govt public and private schools.

GTE – Genuine Temporary Entry Requirements

All overseas students must meet with GTE requirements. It means that you are entering Australia only for temporary purpose for study in Australia and you must ensure Dept of Immigration, Australia that you will return home after completing your study in Australia.

The genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement is an integrity measure to ensure the student visa program is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.

The GTE requirement provides a useful way to help identify those applicants who are using the student visa program for motives other than gaining a quality education. An applicant needs to show they are coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education. The GTE requirement is not designed to exclude those students who, after studying in Australia, go on to develop the skills required by the Australian labour market and apply to obtain permanent residence.

The GTE requirement applies to all student visa applicants. An applicant must provide a personal statement in English addressing the GTE requirement. Where an applicant is not comfortable writing their statement in English, it can be written in their own language; however, a translated copy must be submitted. An applicant can provide details within the application form, or attach a written statement along with supporting documents. Generic statements unsupported by evidence will not be weighed heavily in the GTE assessment.

Findings on the GTE requirement are not made on the basis of one factor alone. All of an applicant’s personal circumstances are considered before a decision is made and we place weight based on a number of factors. When assessing whether an applicant is a genuine temporary entrant, the Department considers their circumstances as a whole. Ministerial Direction 69 sets out a number of factors that are taken into account in determining whether an applicant meets the GTE requirement.

Ministerial Direction 69 is not intended to be used as a checklist. A broad summary of the factors taken into account include:

  • Circumstances in home country (or country of residence) – reason for not studying in home country or region if a similar course is available there, ties to their home country that support the intention to return once study is complete, economic circumstances, military service commitments, political and civil unrest in home country.
  • Potential circumstances in Australia – ties to Australia which would present as a strong incentive to remain in Australia, level of knowledge of proposed course of study and education provider, previous study and qualification(s), planned living arrangements and financial stability.
  • Value of the course to the applicant’s future – is the course(s) consistent with the applicant’s current level of education, relevance to past or proposed future employment in home country or a third country, expected remuneration in home country or third country which could be gained using the qualification(s) from the course(s) of study.
  • The applicant’s immigration history – previous visa applications for Australia or other countries including visa refusals or cancellations.
  • If the applicant is a minor – the intentions of a parent, legal guardian or spouse of the applicant.

We encourage applicants to read Ministerial Direction 69 before drafting their GTE statement.

Applicants are encouraged to provide evidence or information about:

  • Previous study – academic transcripts which show qualification(s) obtained, name of the education provider(s) and duration of study, certificates of attainment.
  • Gap in previous study – reasons why there is a gap in between studies including where enrolment was not maintained.
  • Current employment – current employer, company address, period of employment and details about the position held. Applicant’s should include the name and contact details of a person who can verify the terms of employment.
  • Ties to home country or country of residence – this may include evidence of financial, family or social ties. The applicant needs to show they have significant incentives to return home once study is complete.
  • Economic circumstances in home country or country of residence – this can include documents showing employment or business activities for 12 months prior to application lodgement, an employment offer after course completion, income tax return reports or bank statements.

We encourage applicants to put as much information in their GTE statements as possible to help create a holistic view of their circumstances. We can make a decision on a student visa application with the information provided and there is no requirement to request more information.


Genuine access to funds

You and your accompanying family members must demonstrate that you will have access to the funds while you are in Australia. Some examples of how to evidence genuine access include: When another person or business is providing funds, show evidence of the relationship and any history of financial support provided to the student or any other students. It is also good practice to provide identity documents for the person providing the funds or evidence that the business is currently operating. If relying on a money deposit, any recent large deposits must be explained. You may also consider explaining ongoing deposits – like wages.

If you have an education loan to cover tuition fees or living expenses (such as accommodation) disbursement should occur according to the agreement between the bank, provider and yourself. Evidence of any disbursement which occurs before the visa application has been finalised, should be provided. Evidence of the terms of the loan and the full amount of the loan that will be disbursed should be attached.

Providers should be aware of the conditions placed on the education loan. Some loans offer deferred repayment against future earnings of the student and are conditional on the student studying only the stipulated course as that provider.

If you are relying on another type of loan, you may consider showing evidence of collateral used to get the loan, the terms of the agreement and capacity to cover ongoing costs. The best evidence of genuine access for a loan is full disbursement.


  • Min age, Min Education, Min English language requirements as per course and institute requirements in Australia
  • Genuine Access to funds to study in Australia
  • GTE – Genuine Temporary Entry Requirements – it means that you only come to Australia for study purpose and you must convince the Dept of Immigration, Australia that you will return home after competing your study in Australia
  • Adhere to any conditions attached to your student visa; failure to any of the conditions may result in cancellation of current student visa or refusal of future visa
  • You must only provide Genuine Documents – if you get visa with fraud, bogus document and incorrect information – your visa can be cancelled and you can be prevented to re-enter Australia for 3 or more years – also when you apply for Citizenship of Australia these fake documents can prevent you to receive citizenship of Australia
  • After completing your study in Australia, you may have options for further visa in Australia or Residency Opportunity in Australia for which you must get ready right from the beginning so you do not miss your opportunity at last moment
  • We have more than 18 years of experience in dealing with Student Visa Applications and we may assist you to fulfil your dream of making Australia Home provided you consult us in beginning and provided you have remain our client for student visa application as we can keep you informed about any changes that may take place in Immigration Laws time to time. Please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you. We wish you all the best for your journey to Australia!

“BMS Global has been operating for the last 18 years and has successfully dealt with AUSTRALIAN VISA applications for Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Partner Visa, Temporary Work Visa Subclass 482, Permanent RSMS Visa Subclass 187, Business Visa and AAT Appeals.”