Australia offers various kinds of skilled migration such as Independent, Sponsored (state/territory/family) and Employer Nomination (Temporary and Permanent).

Most suitable skilled migration to Australia for overseas skilled people will be INDEPENDENT skilled migration based on points system for points awarded for age, education, work experience and English level and a few other factors.

Main occupations covered under skilled migration are engineering, IT, medicals and trades.

Skills assessment is compulsory and Govt. Fees varies from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending upon occupation. Also to keep in mind validity and it generally max 3 years or sometimes it is only for 2 years or may be only for a year and within that time limit the skilled migration application must be lodged with Dept of Immigration.

IELTS English test (or equivalent) is compulsory and min 6 in each band and module (general or academic) as required by skills assessing authority and Dept of Immigration. Min 6 does not give any points so min 7 in each band scoring will be required to score points (may by you need min 8 in each band to score more points).

Min work experience will be 3 years not sufficient to score points so min 6 years experience desirable and to score more points min 8 to 10 years experience desirable.

Age limit is 45 at the time of application and it does not give any points so age between 25 to 32 will be good to apply for skilled migration.

Partner can claim points if meet with criteria and must meet with IELTS English test requirements.

Education  min National level certificate or Degree as required by occupation – in medicines most of the degrees are not accepted. Diploma does not give full points and Degree does give full points but must be related to occupation.

Close Blood Relatives settled in Australia in certain regions can sponsor their relatives only for occupations specified – only 10 visas are issued per month.

Govt Visa fees are very high can cost A$10K or more for a family of 4.

Our processing fee varies case to case.

Generally 65 points required for passing test but in reality 70 or 75 points required for Tradespeople and lot higher 80 or more points required for IT, Engineering, Accounting and other professionals.

Initial consulting at a fraction of a cost will be very useful to applicants to know their eligibility and chances of success in their applications.

Generally it takes a year or more after submission of expression of interest to get invitation.

Medical Test and Police checks are compulsory – if anybody has any condition or police record all applicants can fail in their application so anybody who has any medical condition or police record not advisable to apply.