Professional Study in Australia

How Best BMS Global can assist Overseas Students to achieve their DREAM Careers as Professionals and How Best BMS Global can assist Overseas Students to save thousands of dollars in study and live in Australia?

  • What would you mean by Professional Study in Australia? Overseas students can study varieties of courses in Australia and examples are IT, Accounting, Engineering, Trade, Agriculture, Hospitality, Nursing, Medical, Health and these are Professional Courses and what are these professional courses? Think about professions such as Teachers, Managers, Consultants, Lawyers, Journalists, Land Economists, Advertising Specialists, Marketing Specialists, Graphic Designers, Real Estate Managers, Real Estate Developers, Record Managers, Logistics, Transport Managers, Retail Managers, and a few other professions and you should now get a glimpse of what would you mean by Professional Study in Australia. Australia has very strict regulatory regime whereby certain occupations are registered and certain occupations are licensed with govt. authorities. For example, Lawyers, Accountants, Surveyors etc are Registered Occupations whereas Electricians, Plumbers, Motor Mechanics etc are Licensed Occupations. For Registration or License the holder must have min qualification and experience and that’s why professionals are very much in demand in Australia. Some professions do not require any registration or license but they do require certain qualification to perform duties of those occupations. Australia offers all kinds of professionals study program through 41 Universities and 1,100 Institutes. Many overseas students wish to apply for either temporary visa or permanent visa after completion of study and drastic changes have now made very difficult so we at BMS Global can assist overseas students with full guarantee that what kind of study and what kind of professions would give them opportunity to seek either temporary visa or permanent visa after competing their studies in Australia. BMS Global has 20 years of experience in dealing with various kinds of skilled migration application and would certainly assist those overseas students who wish to have careers in professional fields as well as those who are looking for migration options for Australia.
  • Australia offers various kinds of professional study programs – for example, if you wish to be a teacher, you can be a pre-primary teacher, primary school teacher, secondary school teacher, high school teacher, lecturer or professor and overseas students must choose the most appropriate course and institute so that the qualification they obtain would meet with migration requirements later when they apply for skilled migration. So, you will notice that one profession of teacher can have several areas of expertise and each one of them will be an occupation within itself. BMS Global has vast experience in dealing with overseas students for 20 years and please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you if you wish to save huge money on your education in Australia.
  • Overseas Students must be very careful in selecting course and institute if they wish to be a retail manager or restaurant manger or similar occupations because if you study hotel management course or postgraduate in human resource management and if you wish to apply for retail manager for permanent visa chances are high that qualification obtained may not meet with migration requirements. Overseas student will experience great disappoint thinking that he studied very high level of Masters Degree Course and spent thousands of dollars and not accepted for the position applied and it would be a shock, but try to understand reality. Your postgraduate degree in human resource is related with resourcing human workforce and not with retail related tasks. Retail tasks would need general management qualification which could be only a diploma level but would require 3 years retail management experience. So, if you have Diploma and 3 years of experience you would qualify for applying for retail manager position for migration purpose but if you want to rely upon Master Degree you would probably face disappoints. The reason is that immigration laws are very complex and only experienced registered migration agent can provide the best possible pathway to achieve your dreams to settle in Australia. BMS Global has dealt with several migration applications so would certainly show you correct pathway to settle in Australia. Please do contact us anytime suitable to you.
  • Australia offers professional courses if you wish to become a lawyer or architect or surveyor or real estate agent or marketing specialist or advertising specialist or graphic designer or transport manager or sports manager or anything like that you will find courses in universities and govt Tafe colleges and also in some private colleges. You must be careful to those who offer courses at peanut prices. For example, a lady from the Middle East wanted to become a teacher and agent in her country dumped her into a course in a college which had become obsolete and she wasted A$80K plus living cost over 4 year period and was not eligible to apply for skills assessment for teacher occupation in Australia. She was terribly disappointed and left home without achieving anything. So, you would need professional hands to study professional courses in Australia. BMS Global has 20 years of experience and you certainly benefit from vast experience and would find suitable pathway if you wish to settle in Australia. Please do contact us anytime suitable to you.