Pacific Labour Scheme Visa
This is Temporary Full Time Work Visa only for Citizens of Pacific
Countries listed below:

Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor-
Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu are currently able to apply for low and
semi-skilled employment in Australia under sponsorship of Australian
Employers who operate in Regional Australia.

This scheme is wonderful for above said citizens of pacific countries who
are in age group of 21 to 45 years and meet with police check and
medical requirements. The visa is for 3 years and then off for 12 months
and they can again apply for further 3 years. Applicant cannot bring
family to Australia and must apply from outside Australia and must
remain outside Australia at the time of visa grant. Must have medical
insurance and must not breach any visa condition imposed on them.


  • Employees are to be paid min wages as per Award of the industry
  • Employers can recover costs from employee as specified case to case  
  • Employers can employ overseas low skilled or semi-skilled people in accommodation and food services, health care and social assistance, non-seasonal agriculture, forestry and fishing Any industry permitted by Dept of Home Affairs
  • Employers do not have to incur heavy costs to employ these overseas workers as costs of visa fee is only A$310 and employers can recover costs of air fare and other costs as permitted by Dept from employees – these are the greatest benefits to Australian Employers
  • Employers need to get approval from Dept of Foreign Affairs and the apply for Temporary Visa Sponsorship and get approval from Dept of Home Affairs and approval will be for 5 years and can be extended before expiry of sponsorship date
  • Labour Hire Companies also can apply for approval from Dept of Foreign Affairs and Sponsorship from Dept of Home Affairs and can employ overseas low skilled and semi-skilled people from above said Pacific Countries and provide labour to local employers in Australia in regional areas

HOW BEST BMS GLOBAL CAN ASSIST AUSTRALIAN EMPLOYERS and Overseas Low and Semi-Skilled People from Pacific Countries

  • Dealing with Any Govt Dept of Australia will never be easy as laws are complex and changing time to time and applicant must understand requirements in detail to achieve success in their applications. We at BMS GLOBAL have vast experience in dealing with Govt Authorities past 20 years and we have dealt successfully with various kinds of sponsorship and visa applications for Australian Visas so we can provide the best possible services to Australian Employers as well as Overseas Employees
  • We can explain requirements to employers and employees in detail before commencing the process so that it becomes relatively easy to apply wherever application is to be made”>
  • We can explain in detail the requirements of various employment laws and AWARDS so that application can meet with requirements for approval
  • We can follow up with all Govt authorities from beginning till end of finalizing applications
  • We can assist employers to recruit overseas people by accompanying them, putting up seminars in those countries, collecing details of prospective employees, explaining them all requirements to apply for visa and we can also provide
    services of receiving employees at airport, applying for income tax file number, finding accommodation and whatever services required for smooth operation of business and employing overseas people
  • We can assist employees to save money and take home BIG Money as we will provide them max information possible to save money in Australia
  • Our fees to provide above services to Employers and Employees will be astonishingly low beyond your imagination
  • Please feel to contact us by email at or by mobile 0416 014 257 any time suitable to you.