Nursing Study in Australia

How Best BMS GLOBAL can assist you to make your DREAM come true to study in Australia and How Best BMS GLOBAL can save you HUGE Costs of Study and Living in Australia

  • There are 41 Universities and 1,100 institutes in Australia and large numbers of them do provide education in Nursing in Australia – which one will you choose? The Answer – Be a Client of BMS Global
  • Nursing is MOST sought after study in Australia (and all over the world) because this is a NOBLE profession in welfare of common HUMAN BEINGS and also it leads to residency pathway in Australia and other countries – How would you select the most appropriate course and institute which will be recognised by Dept of Immigraiton for skills assessment and migration purpose – please note NOT all the courses offered by institutes are recognised by Dept of Immigration and for Migration purpose – so as an overseas student ONUS lies on you to select the most appropriate study in Nursing in Australia so that you can achieve your DREAM of applying for residency in Australia after completion of your study in Australia – The Answer – Be a Client of BMS Global
  • Australia offers Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Degree, Postgraduate and Ph.D. courses – which will be the most suitable to you? What about Nursing Degree you have obtained in your Home Country? Would you study again the same Nursing course again in Australia? People talking about ‘Bridging Courses’ – what is this? People talking about ‘Upgrading your skills’ – what is this? Would it be worth doing Bridging Courses or Upgrading your skills in Australia? Hundreds of Questions and Thousands of Answers? Money in Overseas Education is to be INVESTED and NOT WASTED! So, have initial consultation or be a client of BMS Global and Have a Peace of Mind! BMS Global has experience of 20 years dealing with overseas students and will lead you to the most appropriate direction to achieve your DREAMS to study in Australia and settle in Australia
  • How would you save Thousands of Dollars of HUGE costs of study and living in Australia as Australia is very costly country! Australia has 6 states (NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, TAS) and 2 union territories (NT, ACT) and all of them offer Nursing Education to overseas students but where would you study to minimise your costs? Yes, BMS Global can assist you to select most appropriate location in Australia as BMS Global has 20 years of solid and sound experience
  • Certain States and Certain Territories and Certain Regions of Australia has now started offering “INVENTIVES” to overseas skilled people to settle in those regions of Australia and these criteria are complex to meet but BMS Global is also a Registered Migration Agent of Australia for 20 years and will assist overseas student with the best possible program to settle in Australia. BMS Global Welcomes Overseas Students to study in Australia and Explore Pathways to settle in Australia if they wish to do so!
  • BMS Global can provide admissions into Nursing Courses to Overseas Students into following Universities of Australia – Edith Cowan University, The University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Murdoch University, Various locations of Central Queensland University and Various location of Charles Stuart University. Apart from above Universities, BMS Global can provide admission to overseas students into any University or Institute of their choice in Australia and carry out all kinds of work related to Student Visa right from beginning till end of outcome of visa application from Dept. of Immigration. We welcome Overseas Students to study and live in Australia! Please contact us at contact details provide anytime suitable to you
  • How BMS Global can save Thousands of Dollars and Huge Costs of Study and Living in Australia? Yes, BMS Global can assist you to save HUGE costs of study and living in Australia. For example, Miss Rebecca from Uganda already had Nursing Degree from her country and wanted to come to Australia and study Nursing. Had she selected University, she would have ended up spending at least A$80,000 for tuition fees for Masters Course in Australia and at least A$40,000 for living in Australia for 2 years of full time Nursing Course. But with the assistance of BMS Global, Rebecca was explained that she would qualify for registration of her nursing in Australia if she completes a bridging course of only 3 months costing her only A$12,000 plus living cost A$3,000; in all costs of A$15,000 would lead her to apply for registration in Australia and she did very well because her English was more than excellent. Think about spending A$120,000 in two years and think about spending ONLY A$15,000 in 3 months and serve your purpose of becoming a Registered Nurse in Australia. Once you are registered in Australia, your doors will open to USA, UK, NZ, Canada, Ireland and anywhere in the world because Australian Nursing Registration will be recognised all over the world. The Question for Rebecca was that which Bridging Course she would have selected and where she would have studied because institutes all over Australia provide such Bridging Courses in Nursing and costs varies institute to institute. She sought services of BMS Global to select a course, select an institute and apply for visa to come to Australia and apply for registration and also apply for skilled migration skills assessment and indeed, BMS Global has provided her the best possible service of all kinds and she was one of the happiest clients who achieved her DREAM to settle in Australia through services of BMS Global who has 20 years of solid experience in dealing with overseas students
  • Another case was of Miss Harjinder Kaur from India where she wanted to study Masters Course in Nursing in Australia as she was not confident of getting through Bridging Course. Yes, here again BMS Global provided her services of selecting course and institute where she completed study in Australia for only A$60,000 – half the normal costs as she was suggested course and institute where fees were very economical and later she was also provided skilled migration services by BMS Global and she did achieve success and settled in Australia as registered nurse
  • One more case of Mr. Robert from Kenya, an African Nation, where he had completed a Degree in Commerce (anyone who complete a degree in Arts or Science or Commerce or Not Nursing Related field) and he wanted to study Nursing in Australia. He engaged services of BMS Global, and he was asked to undergo a post graduate Diploma in Science and then move onto complete a post graduate degree in Nursing and right from seeking admission through to visa application and skilled migration, BMS Global provided him services with great success and he is a settled citizen of Australia. He has saved Huge costs to the tune of A$40,000 on his studies in Australia. In short, “There is a WAY where there is a WILL”, as Australia has flexibility and WORLD CLASS Education facilities for overseas students to achieve their DREAMS to study and settle in Australia provided Overseas students seek services from highly experience registered migration agent. We are very happy to provide our services to any overseas students from anywhere in the world and please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you. WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA TO STUDY AND LIVE IN AUSTRALIA!