Investment Business Opportunities in Australia

Q. Can I do business in Australia without applying for Business Visa or Can I investment money in Australia without applying for Business Visa?

A. Yes, you can invest money into business in Australia and you do not have to apply for business visa for Australia.

Q. How can I do business or How can I invest money in Australia?

A. You can invest money in Australia as an Individual or form a company with Australian or form a company as overseas company. Australia is unique country where only one person also can be a Director and form a Company. If you wish to do business in Australia and if you wish to have business trading name you can register business in Australia. The important thing is to decided whether you wish to have sole trader or partnership or company (local Australian Company or Overseas company) or Trust company. For Australian company you get ABN Australian Business Number and for Overseas company you get ARBN Australian Registered Business Number. It would be best to engage an Accountant who can provide company registration services. We at BMS Global will be more than happy to provide you these services at the most economical price.

Q. What is the difference between ABN Australian Company and ARBN Overseas Company?

A. If you have ABN and Australian Company you pay tax as local company and if you have overseas company ARBN you pay flat rate of income tax (say 30% of your taxable income). There is clearly tax benefit.

Q. What is the minimum amount of investment I can invest in Australia?

A.. There is no min amount of money to be invested in Australia – you may invest A$10K or A$100K or A$1 million or more. The important thing will be that what kind of investment will you do in Australia. If you think that if you invest A$2 million in land project and you will get residency, you will be totally wrong because any kind of investment will not give you residency in Australia. You have to meet with criteria of that visa stream and only after approval you get visa for Australia.

Q. If I do investment in Australia, and if I do not apply for business visa for Australia, how would I be able to visit Australia and look after my business there?

A. If you have invested money and if you are running a business in Australia, you can visit Australia on Visitor Visa (particular stream to be applied for particular purpose) or you can apply 400 series visa for particular time period and for particular purpose. We at BMS Global have processed these kinds of visa applications and please feel free to contact us to apply for such types of visa so that you do not receive disappointment in your visitor visa application. Australian Immigration Laws are complex and changing frequently and if you do not understand requirements in proper manner you may end up in refusal of your visa application from Dept of immigration (Dept of Home Affairs).

Q. If I am running a business in Australia or if I have an investment in Australia, is it possible for me to bring my partner and children there?

A. Yes, you can very well bring your partner and children for visiting Australia and you have to apply visa for each one of them. Each applicant must meet with criteria to grant visa by Dept of Immigration. You can stay for time period allowed usually a month or 3 months but if you need more time you can apply for longer period of time with multiple visit facility.

Q. What kind of investment can I do in Australia?

A. Any kind of investment you can do in Australia except the kind of investment which can bring harm to country and general public. You would certainly be not permitted to invest in ‘unethical’ or bad kind of business like people smuggling or drugs or prostitution or such kind of unethical business activities.

Q. What would be the good kind of investment in Australia?

A. Investment in Agriculture, Food processing, Tourism, Education, Imports of various items from Australia, Export to Australia various items, buying and running a cafe or restaurant, hotel or motel, apartment leasing, franchising, and so on – any kind of business which you feel will be profitable to you. We at BMS Global can provide these services as we have vast experience of last 18 years.

Q. What kind of services are available for business people in Australia?

A. Various kinds of services such as accounting, business broker, investment consulting, migration agent services, and services related to your business will be available to you in Australia. You must remember that Australia is highly developed advanced country in the world so life standards are also high so you cannot expect services at pea nut prices and you must be willing to bear costs of consultants as per their experience in their fields. We at BMS Global can assist you to find appropriate consultant or service provider at most economical rates.

Q. Where would I find more information about investment opportunities in Australia?

A. Many Govt. Dept as well as Govt. Agencies of Australia have been providing information about investment opportunities in Australia. However, the most prominent among is Austrade – Govt of Australia Organisation who has office worldwide and they will provide you information required by you.

Q. Will the information received be sufficient for me to invest in Australia?

A. You must carry out in-depth research about your project or investment and also you should visit Australia before you do any kind of business or do any investment in Australia. We at BMS Global can provide you such services at most economical rates. Various newspapers, magazines, TV channels and marketing companies do provide information about investment opportunities in Australia. The best way to invest will be the field in which you have vast experience and you can do and you can carry out business by yourself or you can train somebody to carry out the business.