Hospitality Study in Australia

How Best BMS Global can assist Overseas Students to study Hospitality Courses in Australia and How Best BMS Global can assist Overseas Students to save thousands of dollars in study and live in Australia?


  • Overseas Students Attention Please – Do not confuse yourself Hospitality Courses with Hospitals Courses – Hospitality Courses Deal with Hotel Industry Occupations such as Chef, Cook, Baker, Pastry Cook, Food & Beverage Manager, Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Events Manager etc where as Hospital Courses Deal with Nursed, Doctors, Age Care Workers, Researchers, Dentists, Dietarians and so on the list is endless. Hotel Industry Courses and Careers are Evergreen! You will find job anywhere in the world and that too now a days with very good salaries. Previously hotel industry careers were not paying much but now these jobs do pay well provided you have selected correct career path. For example, you study Hospitality Diploma and become Food & Beverage Attendant and from there you become Supervisor and then Manager and Director – F & B in Five Star Hotel or Hotel Chain you would certainly be rewarded with very high salary package with lots of perks! Money in Education is to be invested and not wasted and BMS Global will make your Dream come true if you were to be out client for your student visa services.
  • Australia offers hotel courses through 41 Universities and 1,100 institutes but which one will you choose and how much will you pay and what would you achieve after completion of your study in Australia. Hotel Careers such as Chef, Cook, Pastry Cook, Baker etc also can be rewarded and can provide you temporary work visa after completion of study in Australia. Drastic changes have taken place in immigration laws and policies of Dept of Immigration of Australia and nothing will be easy now to settle in Australia, however, BMS Global has 20 years of experience and have helped many overseas candidates to get temporary work visa and permanent visa under RSMS 187 scheme. Opportunities do exist as on date in Australia for Hotel Industry Careers provided you prepare yourself right from beginning till you achieve your dream to settle in Australia and we at BMS Global will provide you as much assistance as possible. Please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you.
  • BMS Global has been promoting courses of UNIQUE Institute in Australia which is one and only one of its kinds in Australia. This institute has been providing hotel industry courses in Commercial Cooking, Events Management, Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management for almost 50 years. The Unique thing about this institute is that they are the One and Only One who takes Interview of Overseas Student over phone may be once or twice or more to determine that incoming student is a GENUINE Student and genuinely interested in making a career in hotel industry. The reason is that this institute has collaboration with multinational hotels and hotel groups and hotel chains who are looking for young talents in hotel industry. These big hotels provide PAID INTERNSHIP to Overseas Students right from Day 1 till last of Day of Course through above said institute. Paid Internship is a paid employment where students are trained practically side by side theoretically. How wonderful you earn while you learn and also make your career and progress further to achieve higher standards in your career and of course, you will achieve very highly paid careers in hotel industry. BMS Global has been with this unique institute for a long period of time and welcomes Overseas Students if you are a GENUINE Student and genuinely interested in making a career in hotel industry. This institute has 3 intakes in Year – February, July and October each year and they have only limited seats for overseas students and they take only 2 to 3 students per semester from each country. If students turn out not be genuinely interested they can cancel student visa by informing Dept of Immigration so contact us only if you are a genuine student. These unique courses can lead overseas students to migration options for Australia through 18 months of full time work visa after completion of study in Australia, and also can make eligible to apply for temporary work visa and then permanent visa under employer nomination or independent skilled migration or state sponsored skilled migration. Please feel free to contact us for this unique opportunity to earn and learn in Australia in Hotel Industry Courses!