Health Study in Australia

How Best BMS Global can assist Overseas Students to achieve Australia’s most demanding education in Australia and How Best BMS Global can assist Overseas Students to save thousands of dollars to study and live in Australia?

  • Australia is Enormous in Size a Continent a Gigantic Island 5,000 km from East to West and 4,500 km from North to South with Only 25 million population. However, Australia has one of the highest GDP per capita income in the world and it is one of the most developed and advanced countries in the world. Migrants from all over the world have made Australia Home. However, Australia’s population is “aging”, meaning by Australia has more number of elderly people than young people and numbers of elderly people will increase over the period of time and by the turn of century, Australia may have more than 65% of her people above age 65 and these people certainly need care and Govt. of Australia is bound to look after Health of People of Australia as Australia is one of the Highest Developed Nations on the Earth! Health Study in Australia gives enormous opportunities to overseas students to study in Australia and migrate to Australia; however, “all that glitter is not gold”! Australian Immigration has always been difficult and will remain difficult in future for overseas people to migrate to Australia.

BMS Global has 20 years of experience in dealing with overseas students and skilled migration and if you are serious and genuine about study and migrating to Australia, we welcome you to contact us and be our client so that you will move forward in the most correct direction to achieve your dreams to study and settle in Australia.

  • Australia has 41 Universities and 1,100 Institutes and almost all of them provide one kind or the other kind of Health Education in Australia, but which course and which institute will you choose which can fulfil your requirements to build your career in Health Industry and achieve your dream to settle in Australia. Health Industry Jobs are Highly Paid so you must be fluent in English. There are various kinds of careers in Health Industry to choose from; for example, Residential Care Officer, Welfare Worker, Disabilities Support Worker, Community Worker, Youth Worker, Family Support Worker, Welfare Centre Manager, Child Care Centre Manager and so on the list is endless; however, each occupation is of a speciality type and you must education accordingly and also supervisory level experience to qualify for migration purpose. Australia offers Certificate to Diploma to Advanced Diploma to Degree to Postgraduate to Ph.D. level education to overseas students. Some occupations required Diploma level education and some occupations require Degree level education and of course you also must pass through police checks and medicals and English level to work in Health Industry. Some courses are only of 6 months duration and some are one to two to three years or more. BMS Global welcomes overseas students to select course and institute as we have 20 years of experience as education consultant as well as registered migration agent.
  • Many overseas students have wasted thousands of dollars and time assuming that two years of child care course in Australia can give them temporary work visa or permanent residency. Child care does have GREAT Demand in Australia but you must be careful in selecting course and institute if you are interested in child care occupations as Diplomas do not give temporary work visa or permanent residency in Australia. Health care occupations require min qualification as specified by each occupations, min English level, clear police checks and medicals, and most importantly supervisory or managerial level of experience in large organisations.

Also Health Care Occupations are demanding and challenging because you confront with different cultures and environment where it becomes very difficult to keep cool and you can lose your temperament and you can end up in miserable situations so be prepared and gather as much knowledge as possible before entering health care industry. BMS Global has 20 years of experience in dealing with various kinds of situations for overseas students so we will be more than happy to assist you if you wish to study Health Care Courses in Australia. Please contact us anytime suitable to you.

  • BMS Global can provide admissions to overseas students for Health Study Programs in Australia in Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, The University of Western Australia, Curtin University, and Various locations of Central Queensland University and Charles Stuart University as well as Govt TAFE Colleges of Western Australia. BMS Global can provide you all kinds of student visa services right from beginning till final outcome from Dept. of Immigration. We have tremendous experience and we welcome you to contact us anytime suitable to you.