Accounting Study in Australia


How Best BMS Global can assist Overseas Students to select the Best Career in Accounting Field and also How Best BMS Global can save thousands of dollars to overseas students to study and live in Australia and achieve their DREAMS of achieving permanent residency in Australia?

  • Accounting in Australia has no more remained merely a role of accountant for making statements and bookkeeping and doing spread sheets but Accounting in Australia has become a very specialised areas of study with large numbers of associated occupations such as accountant (general), management accountant, taxation accountant, external auditor, internal auditor, actuary, statistician, economist, land economist, valuer, management consultant, cost accountant, finance manager, banking and finance, finance controller and so on. Australia is a very highly advanced developed country with only 25 million people but it has very high GDP with per capita income and annual turnover reaching 3 trillion. So, you can imagine per person activity in money matters. Only 10% of Australian Population is said to be ‘average’ earnings but remaining 90% of population is earning very high as compared to other developed nations and hence various kinds of finance products have sprung in investment and super industry. All 41 Universities and 1,100 Institutes including Govt. TAFE Colleges have been providing Accounting study in Australia from Certificate to Diploma to Advanced Diploma to Degree to Postgraduate to Ph.D. Level Education. Why would you need BMS Global? Why not? Large Numbers of Overseas Students seek permanent residency after completion of accounting study in Australia and not many are now successful and therefore if you wish to be 100% sure in your residency journey it would be worth talking to BMS Global who has 20 years of experience in immigration field and had provided services to many overseas applicants and BMS Global welcomes you to contact anytime suitable to you.
  • BMS Global can provide admissions to overseas students in accounting field into Edith Cowan University, The University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Murdoch University and Various Locations of Central Queensland University and Charles Stuart University. The courses offered by these institutes are the most economical and affordable. If you wish to be enrolled into very high priced university in Australia, yes, BMS Global can provide those services also and please feel free to contact us anytime suitable.
  • Universities in Australia also offer double degrees or combined degrees with one major and another sub-major or minor or both majors; however, overseas students must take care of selecting double degree program and university because if you do not choose subjects carefully you will end up losing skills assessment into either of field chosen by you. It means you would not qualify for any of the occupations and will end up losing your money and you will return home ‘empty handed’. BMS Global has 20 years experience in various kinds of skilled migration applications so you will get the most appropriate advice from BMS Global if you were to be a client of BMS Global. We welcome you to contact us anytime suitable to you.