LIYANAGE Ramyawathie & Mahendra, Sri Lanka, April 2018; Ramyawathie received Partner visa subclass 309 – We had included our two adult daughters above age 18 and apart from raising questions about adult children included, Dept of Immigration also raised many other questions and our agent Mr. Satish Patel, handled the situation amicably with his vast experience of partner visa applications. Without assistance of Mr. Patel we would not have known where we would have stood but we were happy to receive partner visa and we will certainly recommend services of Mr. Satish Patel for any kind of partner visa no matter how complex will be your case.

ALFAWZAN Abdullah, Overseas Student from Saudi Arabia, received visitor visa subclass 600, March 2018 – I was afraid of applying visitor visa application subclass 600 as many of my friends from Saudi Arabia did not receive visitor visa after completion of study in Australia. I had to settle lease, receive bond money, and also wanted to travel Sydney to see Opera House and to meet friends in Melbourne. I must appreciate immigration services of Mr. Satish Patel, Migration Agent who assisted me to apply for visitor visa and I received visitor visa for 3 months after completion of my study in Australia and I fulfil my desire to visit Sydney and Melbourne. Without hesitation I will recommend services of Mr. Patel and please remember visitor visa application requires plenty of documents and information to prove that you are a genuine visitor to Australia and Mr. Patel will certainly assist you to apply and receive visitor visa if you are a genuine visitor.

DORJI Thinley Peljor, Bhutan, March, 2018; received Student Visa subclass 500 to study further in Australia along with his wife. It was so frustrating that I had taken wrong course, wasted money and time and then really wanted to study Environment Science in Australia to upgrade my skills and I was coming across rejections everywhere in Perth for overseas students. I contacted Mr. Patel, Migration Agent and he assured me that if you were to a genuine overseas student he would work hard on application to prove it and indeed, he did lodge a sound application with documentary evidence and I was granted further student visa along with my wife and I am now completing course of my choice and it will help me a lot in my future career of Environmental Science. I would strongly recommend services of Mr. Patel for student visa applications to overseas students of any country who wish to study in Australia.

FERRALIS Nicholas, Italian Citizen received onshore partner visa subclass 820, March 2018 – I had developed relationship with Italian sponsor who was very young only 18 at the time of application. Although my partner was born in Australia we together went through requirements and we just did not understand. We had contacted Mr Satish Patel, Migration Agent who first explained us all requirements and genuineness of appcliation and told us documents would support the relationship but would not prove it so both of you must have genuine and continuous and mutually committed relationship. We were from same cultural background of Italy and my partner’s parents and everybody known to us had approved our relationship, however, the amount of documents required was too much and we are thankful to our agent Mr Patel that he submitted documents on time and Nicholas was granted subclass 820 onshore partner visa. Mr. Patel has tremendous experience in partner visa application and we would definitely recommend his immigration services to anyone who wish to have dedicated migration agent.

PURGASS Shekharsingh, Overseas student from Mauritius who was granted student visa subclass 500 onshore, September 2017 – When you joined ordinary college; lot of problems you would face and I must appreciate Mr Patel’s co-operation to take up matter with college which no other agent would do and ultimately received student visa to complete my study in Australia. Migration agent Mr Patel has in-depth experience of student visa applications and also he wishes to assist overseas students as much as he can by suggesting students migration options and I would recommend his services to any overseas student who wish to have successful pathway in Australia to achieve career goal and residency if students become eligible to apply onshore in Australia.

BABBAR Deepak and his wife and two children, Indian Citizens, received visitor visa subclass 600 for one year, October 2017 – we were refused visitor visa before and we wanted someone who will have understanding for people like applicants from India. Plenty of documents were required as well as from our sponsor who was our very close relative in Australia. We had ‘no hope’ but after about 4 weeks of processing time and interview over phone with Dept of Immigration, all of us were granted visitor visa and that too for one full year and we all had visited Australia and children were happy to visit Perth and surrounding areas. It is so difficult even to get visitor visa for citizens of India although for genuine visitors. Mr. Patel had explained to us why Dept of Immigration, Australia was so strict granting visitor visas to Indian citizens. We would recommend services of Mr Satish Patel, Migration Agent to anyone who wants to apply visitor visa and any other kind of visa for Australia as he has lot of experience in dealing with various kinds of visa applications successfully for Australian visas.

HARSIMRANDEEP KAUR, Indian Citizen who was granted Permanent Partner Visa subclass 801, September 2017 – Her husband was a client of Mr Satish Patel, Migration Agent who had received permanent residency under RSMS subclass 187 visa – It was very long wait of 3 years and 3 months from the day of lodgement of first stage partner visa application till receiving permanent partner visa. Heaps of documents were submitted regularly to prove relationship – Documents such as social aspects, financial aspects, history of relationship, mutual commitment and exclusive to all others relationship. Each category had 3 to 4 documents so in all documents run into hundreds of them and they must be submitted to dept of immigration time to time to prove that relationship with sponsor was genuine, continuous, ongoing, mutually committed and exclusive to all others. Mr. Patel was reminding us time to time and also had follow up with us many times. He took lot of care of our case and we will recommend his services to anyone who wishes to engage dedicated migration agent who will always have interest of clients to his heart.

EMILIJIA, Citizen of Macedonia, was refused Offshore Partner visa subclass 309, Administrative Appeals Tribunal AAT Appeal was lodged by Mr. Satish Patel, and AAT Appeal was won for Emilijia without conducting Hearing by AAT, March 2017 – It took one year and a few months but during that time the migration agent Mr Patel handled AAT appeal with great zeal and dedication and submitted mountain of documents to AAT and he had provided plenty of information, explanation, documents and evidence from his in-depth knowledge of immigration act, immigrating regulations and from thorough research work to AAT in support of AAT Appeal. Hon Member took into account submission and sent decision back to reconsider partner visa application as per law without conducting Hearing for Emilijia. Finally Emilijia received her first stage partner visa subclass 309 and arrived in Australia. Dimitri and Emilijia were very much happy with services of Mr Patel.

KESKIN Canberk, Overseas Student from Turkey, AAT appeal was lodged by Mr Satish Patel, Migration Agent in 2016 and appeal was won but Mr KESKIN then left Australia – I has passed through lot of difficulty in Australia but thankful to Mr Patel for his services and would remember him and would suggest anyone who wants migrate to Australia. I left Australia of my own to be with my mother and younger brother. I wish Mr Patel all the best.

NORBU Tashi, Overseas student from Bhutan granted dependent student visa subclass 500, November 2017 – My wife and I both were divorcee and I wanted to apply for dependent student visa and were very much stressed because lot of rejection of student visa by dept of immigration. We had been to Mr Patel who explained to us why such rejections happen and we were told if you were to be genuine he would work hard on case. And Mr Patel did assist Mr Tashi Norbu to apply for student visa and it was granted and thereafter Tashi is always recommending other students from Bhutan to seek advice and services from
Mr Patel.