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Study Abroad

STUDY IN Australia, NZ, Canada, UK, USA, Ireland and Europe – High School (Year 10, 11 & 12); English Language Learning; Diplomas & University Foundation Courses; Undergraduate & Post Graduate/Ph.D. Courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, IT, Law, Mass Communication, Accounting and Web Technologies (Future of World):

Often we come across confused, lost or anxious and no direction overseas students who do not have any idea of applying for courses into overseas educational institutes, English and other min requirements for enrolment, fees and costs, and meeting with visa requirements to study overseas.
Most overseas students simply think of having a permanent residency or citizenship either by studying English language only or studying Diploma courses or Undergraduate or higher course. Let us make very clear to you as an overseas student that no country in world will have give rights to settle in their countries because your first and foremost purpose is to STUDY and NOT TO WORK OR SETTLE In Foreign Country.
If you are GENUINELY interested in studying abroad you have come to right place as we have been providing Immigration Assistance for over 18 years and you will get most appropriate answers of your queries to study abroad. The Fees are very costly and if you do not end up in appropriate course and institute it will be waste of money and time for you and your parents and it will be total disappointment in your life.
You MUST PLAN YOUR JOURNEY WELL IN ADVANCE to achieve the GREATEST SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE as after year 10 or 12 you become a person of wild dreams and instead of wasting your money and energy it will be lot better to invest in your future so that your life will be worth living on this earth
We are glad to announce that we are now Partner Agent with one of the most pioneer education provider and education promoter company worldwide and we can offer various kinds of courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, IT and Medicine fields to Overseas Students from all over the world who wish to study in Australia, NZ, Canada, UK, USA, Ireland and Europe in well known and reputed High School (Year 10, 11 and 12), University Foundation Courses, and University Courses at Undergraduate or Post Graduate or Ph.D. Level courses.
Attached please find Brochures on Enrolment Requirements (IELTS English test results in Academic Module or Equivalent); Minimum age and Education requirements and various kinds of courses offered to Overseas Students. You will have PENTY OF CHOICE and Of Course; we will be assisting you to select course and institute as per your capabilities of age, English Language skills, your background and your DREAMS to achieve “something in life”.
Australian Educational Institutes:

1. Australian College of Physical Education, Sydney, Australia

2. Australian Institute of Applied Sciences

3. Charles Sturt University

4. Taylors College

5. Martin College
Tuition Fees and other costs Varied institute to institute;
Admission requirements also vary institute to institute.
Each Candidate has to meet with visa requirements of that particular country.
We are specialised in Australian Student Visa and we welcome you to study in Australia where you will find yourself worth every dollar that you spend on education in Australia.
Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and also offers 20 hours per week work permission to overseas students while study in progress and during vacations overseas students can work full time (any number of hours) per week. Australia also Graduate work visa program under subclass 485 where overseas student will be eligible to apply for either 18 months or 24 months full time work permission visa after completion of their studies in Australia and recover all the costs of study in Australia OR find alternate way of either having a temporary work visa or applying for permanent visa for Australia. We at BMS Global will keep you informed with up to date information about changes in Immigration laws and regulations and requirements of several kinds of visa application if you were to be our client for your educational needs of studying in Australia.
Please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you and we guarantee you the BEST POSSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.