STUDENT VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR AUSTRALIA (and also for other countries):


  • Enrolment: Min Education differs from country to country, however, as rule of thumb, generally Year 12 with higher marks say 66% or above is good to make first impression with overseas institute; Subjects such as English with 55% marks or higher, Maths & Science each with 65% or above marks will be good to apply for any kind of courses of undergraduate level. In case of post graduate completion of degree is necessary and for Ph.D. completion of Masters Degree will be desirable. IELTS English test score appeared in last 12 months and ACADEMIC (Or equivalent PTE Academic test) with average score 5.5 and min 5 score in band of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking will be required to study Diploma Level Courses. For Undergraduate Degree courses IELTS average score of 6.5 with min 6 in each will be required for enrolment. For Masters and Ph.D. average IELTS Test score 6.5 with min 6 in each band or as required by institute which may ask average 7 with min 6.5 in each band. All English test must be ACADEMIC Module of IELTS or equivalent test undertaken in last 12 months before date of application.
  • Age: Overseas students must be at least 18 years of age or above to enrol in overseas institute as otherwise they have to provide Guardian who may be related to student or Guardian visa should be applied for close relative and things become too costly and too complex so it is desirable that students be at least 18 years of age.
  • Finance Requirements: Not only Australia but all countries in world now expect that Students must have sufficient finance to come to that country. Finance requirements are calculated based on First Year total Tuition Fees plus Living costs of one year; plus return air fare for student and if student is married then finance requirements also include living expenses of partner and children if they have irrespective of whether family unit members will accompany student or not.
  • Health and Character Requirements: Student must provide police clearance certificates from all countries where they have lived 12 months or more and also must undergo Medicals and X-ray and other medical tests (such as HIV or Hepatitis B or blood & urine tests as required) before applying for visa.
  • GTE – Genuine Temporary Entry Requirements – Students must prove that their only purpose to go overseas is STUDY Only and after completion of study they will return home. This is very difficult requirement to prove as it is logic and not mathematics. Here is where students need highly experienced registered migration agent who is familiar with these requirements in detail and who has experience in dealing with dept of immigration for student visa applications.



  • BMS Global has vast experience of almost 20 years to deal with complex cases as they have fought appeals for visa refusals and cancellations
  • BMS Global has been dealing with overseas students since last 20 years for enrolment, documents preparation, visa lodgement online, providing further information to Dept of Immigration, follow up with Dept. and provide services to students from beginning to end of their applications
  • Enrolment – selection of institute and course as per background of student and their career choice; this is very important first step especially when you chose career in Medical Field where English Level requirement is very high and courses are also very costly and student can end up losing money and time. For Immigration Purpose all countries have registration or licensing requirements and only certain institutes are recognised and students must know in advance validity of institute and course chosen by them.
  • Documents preparation for enrolment and meeting with finance requirements and health and character requirements. Large number of students try to apply with BOGUS documents and if caught can have ban period of 3 years or more. We at BMS Global can assist students how to calculate finance requirements, what documents can be accepted by Dept of Immigration and how to present them to Dept and how to make sure that they get most appropriate documents from concerned authorities
  • BMS Global can assist students to select not only selecting institute and course but also can provide them information about latest careers and how best they are suitable to build their career of choice
  • BMS Global can keep students informed about changes in Immigration Laws and applying for further visas onshore, options for migration, their rights after completion of course, and how best they can settle in foreign countries if they wish to do so. BMS Global does not provide free service of any kind to anybody. BMS Global does charge initial consulting fee, visa application processing fee and to save the cost we offer various kinds of services which can reduce our fees to student.
  • Please feel free to contact us anytime suitable at contact details provided and we also have Representative in New Delhi, India from where we can provide student visa services to Students of India who wish to travel overseas for study purpose.