Q. Why HUGE numbers of overseas applicant failed to get visitor visa for Australia?

A. Australia as such receives more than 10 million visitors from Europe, UK, Ireland, USA, NZ and other developed countries every year and they return home before expiry of their visa. So, records of these countries are clear that they are genuine visitors to Australia. Whereas LARGE numbers of applicants from Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and other countries when they receive visitor visa they do not return home before expiry of their visitor visa and they overstay and many of them apply for refugee status so records of many countries are spoiled as many of them were not genuine visitors. Depending upon non-compliance records of each country the applicant will be tested for genuine visitor test and when Dept of Home Affairs found that so and so applicant is not genuine they reject the case. Also people think that to apply for visitor visa, simply fill in details and provide return air ticket and visa will be granted – these applicants are absolutely wrong because there are many criteria are to be satisfied for grant of visitor visa. 

Q. What can I do in Australia if I am granted visitor visa? Am I allowed to extend visitor visa? 

A. Your visa have several conditions if visitor visa is granted, for example, no work, means you cannot work in Australia and you must not work, if found, you breached condition and you will be detained and will be removed from Australia. If you ‘ no further visa’ condition, you must not apply any kind of visa in Australia because this condition cannot be waived. You must adhere to your conditions and return home before expiry of visitor visa.

Q. Can I study during I visit to Australia?

A. If you are allowed it will be max 3 months study, if not, you must not study.

Q. What are other conditions for visitor visa?

A. Depending upon age of applicant, you can have compulsory medical insurance, no further visa, only 3 months study, medical exams, fingerprints called biometrics and so on. 

Q. How Best BMS GLOBAL can assist me to apply for visitor visa?

A. BMS Global have processed successfully visitor visa applications for several people from various countries in different age group from young child of one year old to elderly people of 80 years of from countries like India, Lebanon, Turkey, Albania etc. We have tremendous experience in dealing with Dept of Home Affairs and we deal with GENUINE applicants only so you are welcome to contact us if you wish to apply for visitor visa for Australia through us.