Q. I want to study in Australia. Will I get Permanent Residency in Australia?

A. Yes, you can study in Australia provided you get student visa to study in Australia and for that we provide all kinds of services for enrolment, documents preparation and visa lodgement till final outcome. No, you cannot get permanent residency in Australia by simply studying in Australia. You have to meet with all criteria to be granted permanent residency in Australia and we can provide in-depth consultation at very small price to fulfil your DREAM to settle in Australia.

Q. What kind of study in Australia can give me permanent residency?

A. None! You cannot get residency in Australia simply by studying any course. You must select most appropriate course and most appropriate institute in Australia, and you must meet with age, English, occupation, work experience and requirements of other factors to apply for residency and if approved then only you get residency. Australia offers education to overseas students through 43 Universities and more than 2,000 institutes and Australia offers more than 50,000 courses – which institute and what course would you select to become eligible to apply for residency in Australia. Yes, we have vast experience of 20 years dealing with overseas students and we can provide you the best possible student visa services at most competitive fees. Nothing is free in Western World, never expect anything free in Australia.

Q. How much Money I need to study in Australia?

A. If you are a private student you must meet with finance requirements to apply for student visa and only your parents’ income or your income will be considered or approved bank loan from ‘authorised’ banks will be accepted by Dept of Home Affairs. In terms of finance if you are a single person you must prove you can meet living expenses of AUD$21,014 per year + one year tuition fee+ return airfare and if you are married you have to add additional A$7,362 for partner and if you have children you must add A$3,152 per child x number of children plus return airfare for all of those who are included in the application. Third party finance may be allowed provided Dept is convinced why third party will bear your costs of study in Australia. You must prove source of income and how money is accumulated into your account because study in Australia is very costly and only a few can afford to study and live in Australia. Generally those who earn A$60K to A$70K per annum may be considered financially ok to apply for student visa for Australia.

Q. What Level of English required to study in Australia?

A. If you are from English speaking country such as Ireland, UK, USA, NZ, or Canada, you may not need to prove English requirements to apply for student visa, but if you wish to study Medical courses you may have to meet Higher English requirements as required by Institute. However, if you are from Non-English speaking country such as Asia, Africa, Russia, India, China or Latin America, you certainly would need to meet English requirement as per course selected. For example, for trade course you may need IELTS Academic 5.5 and for University 6.5 or for Medical course you may 7 or higher either average or in each band; if you have score less than required course, you can package your main course with English study of 10 to 20 weeks. If you become eligible to apply for residency you would certainly need High Level of English to score points for English so never take English requirements for granted but take it as compulsory requirements and prepare yourself for Higher Level of English.

Q. Till what Age I can study in Australia?

A. Any Age; there is no age limit for study in Australia; however, for school study you must be of age 6 years or above and for college study you must be of age 18 years and above. Please remember you can apply for residency till age 44 because 45 is cut off age. In some schemes you may be allowed but what’s the point when you fail to meet general requirements and you would not qualify to apply points based skilled migration and also employer sponsored migration. If you are overseas students up to age 40 may be ok as otherwise as young as 18 and below 28 will be the best age group to take advantage of skilled migration program of Australia. 

Q. What is min study required to apply for admission and student visa for

A. For school depending upon age of child and for College or higher study as per country to country. For school min age is 6 and no previous study or as per age of child schooling is required. GCE ‘O’ level or GCE ‘A’ Level or Year 12 or as requested by Institute for Diploma or Advanced Diploma or Degree course in Australia. For post graduate study bachelor’s degree or higher and for Ph.D. applicant needs to have master’s degree – this responsibility is of institute who will admit you; however, generally Year 12 or Equivalent or Degree or Higher study for admission into particular course will be required. Institute also offers bridging courses or pre-university courses or similar courses to bring the overseas student on-par with local student so that study in Australia becomes comfortable for student. Also please remember applicant must have studied certain subjects as per choice of course to study in Australia. Those who wish to study Science or Engineering are expected to have study English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Science subjects and those who wish to study Arts must have studied relevant subjects in their school years. Australia is flexible country and has provided all kinds of facilities to overseas students where if student have not studied the required subjects, they can upgrade their skills in those subjects in Australia and then commence the particular course. For example, if you wish to become a registered nurse and if you have studied arts subjects, you can study Diploma in Science for Degree in Nursing; and if you are a graduate of arts or commerce and if you wish to study nursing you can study Graduate Diploma of Science before commencing Masters in Nursing. So the case with other studies and you are welcome to have consulting from us if you want to save your thousands of dollars and if you do not wish to waste your money in unnecessary education in Australia.

Q. What is Regional Study? Are there any Regional Student Visa? What are Benefits of Regional Study? Will I get Permanent Residency with Regional Study?

A. Time to time Dept of Home Affairs, Govt. of Australia, have introduced various schemes to attract overseas students, skilled migrants, business people and visitors to reside in regional areas of Australia. Australia is not only a country but it is a CONTINENT so HUGE in size that it can accommodate all of Europe and Asia and still remain ‘empty’. Australia has population of 25 million people and most of them 80% say 20 million are residing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and surrounding areas of these Mega Cities leaving behind only 5 million people living in rest of the Australia; Western Australia (2.5 million, WA is a state on West Coast of Australia and  it can accommodate all of Europe or India and still be ‘empty’), South Australia (1.5 million); Northern Territory and Tasmania (each 500,000). So, as an overseas student, yes, you can have benefits of studying in regional Australia where you can claim extra points for skilled migration for study in Australia and also you can have post study full time work visa up to 4 years to gain experience in your field and also to recover costs of your study in Australia. There are 43 Universities and 2,000 institutes and 50,000 courses so selection of course and institute will be most important thing to achieve your DREAM to settle in Australia. Also you must remember that for study purpose you can be allowed to study of your choice but if you wish to seek State/Territory Sponsorship or if you wish to positive skills assessment based on study in Australia, your course, your institute and your study MUST be recognised for the purposes mentioned above. For example, course of Life Scientist or Teacher may be offered by many institutes but may not be recognised for skilled migration or state/territory sponsorship so this happens you lose all your hard earned money and you will be disappointed as you will not be able to migrate to Australia. We at BMS Global has 20 years of experience and we are dedicated to provide services to overseas students so you are welcome to contact us anytime suitable to you.

Q. What is Graduate Work Visa and What is Post-Study Work Visa for Overseas Students?

A. Those overseas students who received their FIRST STUDENT VISA on or after 5.11.2011; are eligible to apply for either Graduate Work Visa or Post-study Work Visa provided they meet with the criteria and this visa is known as Subclass 485 visa. Depending upon location of study, and course undertaken and occupation on list of migration the overseas students can apply Graduate Work Visa for period of 18 months to 30 months – their occupation MUST be on list of skilled migration and they must have positive skills assessment and must meet with age and English requirements at the time of application. Post-study work visa is meant for those overseas students who had their first student visa on or after 5.11.2011 and those who have completed RECOGNISED Degree or Post Graduate or Higher Study in Australia and they will be eligible for 2 to 4 years of full time work visa irrespective of their occupation; of course, they must meet with age, English and other requirements as specified. As an overseas student as soon as you commence your study in Australia, you must seek initial consulting and prepare yourself during course of your study as many of you must have paid work experience of certain hours for Graduate Work Visa and also you must apply within 6 months of completion of your course and you also should have valid student visa or Bridging visa A or B at the time of application. We certainly recommend Graduate Work visa applicants to seek advice well in advance and know your pathway well in advance if you really wish to migrate to Australia on skilled grounds. 

Q. Is Change of Course or Institute or both permitted after commencing course upon arrival in Australia? Why it has become so difficult to change course or institute or both? Will student visa be cancelled if course or institute change? 

A. Change of course or institute or both can be permitted to overseas students under certain circumstances and if release letter is obtained from previous education provider. Many overseas education agents have been playing game with Dept of Home Affairs where they enrol students in a course, get student visa, and then ask student to change or they well planned trip of student that once you go to Australia you can change course and institute. This is absolutely wrong practice and unethical and your student visa can be cancelled if you breach the student visa condition. Many students come for Masters Study and tuition fee is A$15,000 or more per semester of 6 months that A$30,000 or more for one year and student will not have all these money so they think about going to cheap Business College for Diploma courses. Now it has become too difficult and if you do not receive release letter from previous education provider you will end up in cancellation of your student visa. Universities now provide 3 CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) for Masters Degree courses; such as Post Graduate Certificate; Post Graduate Diploma and then Masters course; so as per law unless you complete first 6 months of Master Degree course you cannot change course or institute. The law says first 6 months of main degree course so your certificate of diploma are not main course; your main course is masters degree course and that degree course first 6 months if you complete you can then change course or institute or both. But why you should do that, if you do that you lose your chance of applying for Post Study full time work visa. You must contact us for proper advice as we have been dealing with such situation for last 20 years.

Q. Are overseas students allowed to work part-time? What are work conditions? Can Student work full time?

A. Overseas students are allowed to work part-time 20 hours per week or 40 hours in fortnight while course is in progress. Students cannot work full time during course in progress; if they do so they breach condition and student visa can be cancelled. Students are allowed to work full time during their vacations. Those students who study Masters course by RESEARCH are allowed to work full time and their partners also are allowed to work full time so the case with Ph.D. students as they also can work full time along with their partners. It is important to work 20 hours per week instead of 40 hours per fortnight because in Immigration law employment is defined as 20 hours per week if you have to meet with employment criteria to apply for certain kinds of visas in Australia. Students must not breach work conditions under any circumstances. 

Q. Can I bring my partner and children with me to Australia on student visa?

A. Yes, you can include your partner and children in your student visa application and if granted can bring them to Australia. All of you must abide to conditions attached to visa. You also must have finance available for school going children. Unless you are financially sound, it will be advisable to study by yourself as Australia is too costly for family to live and study side by side. Well, you are welcome to us for initial consulting before you end up in miserable situations.

Q. How BEST BMS Global can assist overseas students in student visa applications?

A. BMS Global has been providing student visa services to overseas student for last 20 years successfully. Please feel free to browse through Testimonials provided to us by our past clients on our website www.bmsglobal.com.au

  • We have tremendous experience of selection course and institute, immigration laws to apply for student visa, preparation of documents, applying student visa and follow up with Dept till final outcome. It means we have vast experience of dealing with overseas students from beginning till end and also we continue to provide you further information and keep you up to date with changes in immigration laws and make you ready if you wish to apply for Graduate Work Visa or Post-study work visa subclass 485; and then to apply for skilled migration of if you wish to apply for Employer Sponsored Work Visa.
  • Student applicant must meet with age, education, English, finance and other requirements for successful outcome of visa application. Only experienced registered migration agent assist you to determine each factor in a way and provide necessary documents to achieve success in your student visa application.
  • Location of study becomes most important when you wish to study in Australia. You may be attracted with benefits of regional areas but field your study if does not have any scope in that region where would you end up so that not only you study the most appropriate course at most appropriate institute but also can fulfil your DREAM of settling in Australia.
  • Money also is very important because not many will have huge money with them so if you are hand to mouth you MUST contact us as Australia is very costly for study for overseas students. If you end up in wrong course and wrong institute you will end up in miserable situations as you will lose all your money. For example, if you wish to be a teacher and you will end up in “cheap” institute and that will not be suitable for migration purpose when you finish your study after 4 years where would you go? Would you again study further to fulfil skilled migration requirements? It will be total disappointment because you would not have money to commence new course and you will return home “empty handed”. To avoid this DRADFUL situation you are most welcome to contact us for initial consulting at very small fee.
  • Age is also important factor to study in Australia as cut off age for skilled migration is 45. If you are 40 or 42 or 45 what would be your purpose to study in Australia. All of you want residency and it would not be possible so it will be advisable to try another country instead of wasting your time and money in Australia. Those in age group of 18 to 28 will be most suitable to study in Australia as they may have opportunity to apply for residency under several schemes of skilled migration to Australia. Also purpose of study must be to build a sound career and simply not to become a bus or taxi or truck driver in Australia. 
  • We are authorised to provide admission into Universities in Western Australia – Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and Curtin University so you can deal with DIRECTLY for admission into these prestigious institutes of Australia who provide all kinds of education to overseas students. We also can provide admission to overseas students into Govt. TAFE colleges in Western Australia who provide education in different trades and we strongly recommend overseas students to opt for trade courses and have two and half years of full time work visa after completion of study and also take opportunity for skilled migration to Australia. These trade courses will be ranging from Certificate I to IV, and then Diploma or Advanced Diploma where you may not need Higher Level of English. If you complete Degree or Masters or Ph.D. course in Western Australia you can have 3 to 4 years of full time work visa in Australia to gain experience in your field and to recover the costs of your study in Australia. We also provide admissions to overseas students in trustworthy Private Business Colleges in Western Australia who provide Trade courses, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas at very competitive prices to overseas students. 
  • We do not work on commission and we work as Independent Education as well as Immigration Consultant past 20 years. Anyone who wishes to have our services becomes our client, we decide our fees to provide services, we collect payment and we then provide all kinds of services to overseas students. Please feel free to browse through testimonials provided to us by our past clients and we welcome you to contact us anytime suitable to you for the most satisfactory services to you to fulfil your DREAM if you wish to settle in Australia.