Q. What is Skilled Migration Australia? How can I migrate to Australia? 

A. Australia has introduced several types of skilled migration for overseas skilled people. Skilled migration means overseas people who have skills required by Australia can migrate to Australia based on their age, education, work experience, English Level, and other factors. Some types of skilled migration based on Point System and you have to score higher points than passing points to be invited to apply for migration to Australia. Some skilled people can be sponsored by Australian employers on either temporary or permanent basis and then they can migrate to Australia. In any case the applicants must meet with criteria at the time of application, at the time of decision and at the time of visa grant. If anyone of you included in application fails any criteria all of you fail. 

Q. Can I include my partner and children in my application?

A. Yes, you can include your partner and Dependent children below age 18 in your application. All of you must meet with all the requirements of visa grant. For example, if any of you have any medical condition or fail to meet character test, all of you can be rejected.

Q. What are main types of skilled migration to Australia?

A. Main types of skilled migration are (a) Independent subclass 189; (b) State/Territory Sponsored (subclass 190) ; and (c) Family Sponsored (subclass 491); and (d) Australian Employer Sponsored (subclass 186, 482 & 492). Your occupations MUST be on list of skilled migration, age below 45, English as required and other factors to score more points abov passing points 65; (a), (b) and (c) are point tested visas and (d) you must be sponsored by Australian Employer. 

Q. How much doe it cost to migrate on skilled grounds to Australia?

A. Costs vary case to case and visa to visa; Govt fees of skills assessment, visa fee, and meeting with other requirements have gone sky rocketing so it is not cheap and you must be financially sound to bear day to day costs of two years when you arrive in Australia. You can refer to Dept of Home Affairs website for costs of each visa as the case may be.

Q. Why it is so difficult, and whey huge numbers of applicants fail skilled migration?

A. Australian Immigration Laws are complex and changing frequently and applicants must meet with several criteria for self and all family members included in application at the time of application, at the time of decision and at the time of visa grant. Many overseas people engage so called “CHEAP” agents who are neither registered nor have any experience and because of price people engage them. We at BMS GLOBAL initial consulting at small fee so that you can determine your path how best you can migrate to Australia if you are eligible to apply.

Q. How Best BMS GLOBAL can assist overseas skilled people?
A. BMS GLOBAL has been providing immigration assistance to skilled people for last 20 years successfully. Please feel free to browse through testimonials provided to us by our past clients. We have tremendous experience of dealing with various kinds of skilled migration – Independent, State/Territory sponsored, Family sponsored and Australian Employer sponsored for over 20 years and of various nationalities. Please refer to our website www.bmsglobal.com.au for various kinds of immigration services that we provide to overseas skilled people.