Q. If I have relationship or if I marry Australian Resident or Citizen will I get Residency in Australia?

A. No! BIG NO! Absolutely No! Simply having relationship or marriage with Australian Resident or Citizen will never give you residency in Australia. Partner Visa Applicant MUST meet with Criteria of Partner Visa at the time of application, at the time of decision and at the time of visa grant. 

Q. If I pay money to Australian Resident or Citizen will I get residency in Australia?

A. Never Ever to this kind of Fraud because Dept of Home Affairs is aware of such practice and you can be caught, and you can have lifetime ban for such criminal activity. Never ever pay any money to Australian Resident or Citizen for partner visa or any other kind of visa to get residency in Australia. You must have GENUINE relationship with your partner, and you must meet with criteria as required for partner visa application.

Q. How many types of Partner Visa? What is Onshore and What is Offshore Partner Visa?

A. Two types of partner visa. When you apply in Australia it will be Onshore and when you apply from outside Australia, it will be offshore partner visa. Separate Criteria apply for both and you must meet with those criteria. Also if you have conditions attached to your visa, you must adhere to your conditions. If you have genuine relationship and if you cannot apply onshore, it will be advisable to apply from outside Australia. 

Q. I want to bring my partner to Australia and then marry him/her, will it be possible?

A. Yes, you can sponsor your partner on Fiance’ Visa and if granted you have to marry him/her within time limit permitted by Dept of Home Affairs. Unless you have large numbers of close families settled in Australia, this option is not advisable because processing time takes longer and you lose time to bring your partner to Australia. Instead, marry outside and apply for partner visa so that time of processing can be useful to bring in your partner on temporary partner visa.

Q. How much partner visa costs?

A. Too costly, the visa fee is almost A$8,000 plus other costs of medicals, police checks etc and if you engage registered migration agent the costs of agent also to be taken into account.

Q. How much time it takes to process partner visa?

A. Partner visa is of two stages; first stage is temporary and then you move onto applying for permanent partner visa. First stage itself takes anything between 12 months to 24 months or more; second stage you can apply only completing two years period so it will again take 12 to 24 months; in all it may take 3 to 4 years or more, depending upon complexity of case. Never promise your partner that you will get visa in 6 months’ time, it will never happen so do tell your partner the ‘truth’ so that if your partner is genuine will wait lifetime; if not, relationship will end up so be honest with your partner as well as with Dept of Home Affairs Australia, as large numbers of partner visa applications get rejections every year.

Q. How Best BMS Global can assist me for my partner visa application?

A. BMS Global has been processing partner visa applications for last 20 years so we have gathered ‘invaluable’ experience in dealing with partner visa cases. Not only that we have also dealt with Administrative Appeals Tribunal Appeals for refusal of partner visa cases and we have successfully won those appeals so we can very well assist our clients in following ways:

  • First, we check entire background of both the parties – sponsor as well as visa applicant, and we will proceed further only when we are satisfied that both have genuine relationship to apply for partner visa. If we are not satisfied with either of them or both of them, we do not take such cases as we deal with genuine cases only.
  • We will check visa conditions, ban period, breach of visa conditions and any other relevant matter, and then advise estimate of costs, and if agreed, will give them cost agreement, and other documents and make them our clients; and will proceed further by collecting our payment as agreed.
  • We will assist our clients to prepare documents based on information given to us and this is very important task as many applicants have difficulty in English communication and such statements can make or break the case so we take plenty of time to prepare such documents for sponsor, visa applicant and witnesses
  • Not many applicants will have documents as required by Dept of Home Affairs, and here is where we assist our clients to provide us necessary documents to support their applications.
  • We assist our clients to lodge applications onshore or offshore and we follow up with clients to provide further documents to support their application
  • Dept of Home Affairs Australia DOES NOT Ask documents for submission, so onus lies on applicants to provide documents to Dept time to time and many applicants fail to provide documents as required and face rejections in their application. Also, may ‘agents’ do not bother about providing documents to Dept time to time and face rejections for their clients. Those agents who operate “Cheap” prices you have to aware of such agents as processing time for partner visa varies 3 to 4 years or more and how cheap agents can manage with low fees.
  • We are certainly not ‘cheap’ agents and we do charge reasonable amount of money and we do process at least 4 to 5 partner visa applications per year and we provide excellent service to our clients and through their ‘word of mouth’ we get future clients regularly so we do not compromise on our price. Partner visa is tremendous amount of work and it continues for 3 to 4 years or more so be prepared for costs involved. Think about Govt Visa fee which is about A$8,000 per application plus other costs and if you fail in application you will NOT get refund of fees from Dept of Home Affairs Australia as Govt. Fees are not refundable so it will be the most advisable that you engage highly experienced registered migration agent like BMS Global for your partner visa application.
  • You are welcome to BMS Global anytime suitable to you for your partner visa application.