Q. What is Employer Sponsored Visa for Australia? Is it work visa? Why it is so difficulty to get work visa for Australia? How costly is this work visa? 

A. Employer Sponsored visa means Australian Employer who cannot find local person to work for them and if they have genuine requirements of position and person they can sponsor overseas skilled workers provided they meet with criteria of all 3 stages of application such as sponsorship, nomination and visa application. Yes, it is work visa. It is difficult because requirements are tough to meet with, for example, employer must prove why they would need overseas workers when unemployment is high in Australia at present. It is very costly and employer bears costs of training where lump sum amount of money is to be paid to Dept of Home Affairs Australia. Employer needs to bear costs of sponsorship, nomination, visa fees, insurance, labour market testing advertisement in newspapers and website and if they engage agent the agent’ fees. In all, if employer engages an overseas worker who is married with two children, the employer may end up spending about A$25,000 (or more) to sponsor one skilled person from overseas  and who knows the person who comes in may not be suitable or person may run away from place of work and employer will lose all his money. It has become too costly and risky for employer so not many employers are now willing to sponsor overseas workers. Not only Australian Employers but foreign companies also can sponsor overseas workers for their operations in Australia.

Q. How many types of employer sponsored visa for Australia? How many years one can work on those visas? What is regional employer sponsored visa? 

A. There are several types of employer sponsored visa; some of them are up to 4 to 5 years and some are for short term for a month or three months. For example, TSS Subclass 482 visa can be applied up to 4 years; Regional Subclass 494 can be applied up to 5 years and series 400 visas are applied for short term specialised work up to 3 months. Regional sponsored visas are those where skilled person will work in regional areas of Australia specified by Dept of Home Affairs and they will be sponsored by regional employers. Each visa subclass has their own requirements and applicants must meet with criteria. If granted they must adhere to conditions attached to these visas. Also remember that Caveats apply to subclass 482 visa and employer as well as visa applicant must meet with those caveats. One more subclass 186 is also under employer sponsored scheme where Direct Entry Permanent visa for overseas skilled person will be possible provided applicants meet with criteria for visa grant. Govt. Fees and fees for other requirements have now gone skyrocketing so applicants must think twice or more to apply or not as govt fees and other fees are not refundable and you will end up losing money. For detailed information about above said visas please refer to our website www.bmsglobal.com.au.

Q. How Best BMS Global can assist employers and visa applicants for employer sponsored visas?

A. Yes, BMS Global can certainly assist employers as well as visa applicants as we have 20 years of solid experience in dealing with employer sponsored visas. Very recently in month of Feb/March 2020 we have won 4 appeals in one day at Administrative Appeals Tribunal Appeals for Nomination and visa applications subclass 187 for employer in retail fast food industry and positions were retail mangers. BMS Global can assist employers and visa applicant in following manners:

  • We can speak with employers and visa applicants and collect basic information about employers financial status, genuine requirements, labour market testing to find local persons, and from visa applicants we collect their details of age, education, work experience, English level, skills assessment requirements and other details to determine whether employer and employee will be suitable for employer sponsored visa or not. 
  • We deal with genuine applicants and if we find employer and employee genuine, we advise them of costs of application as estimate and if agreed we do cost agreement, collect our fees and we proceed further to commence work on application
  • Application involves three stages; sponsorship, nomination and visa application. We proceed sponsorship and assist employer for providing us required documents; and then commence process of nomination by labour market testing, and side by side we also assist visa applicant if they require skills assessment, English test and other requirements to apply for visa.
  • As per requirements of each visa subclass we check caveats, min work experience and English requirements, labour market, min wages, award wages, market rate salary and accordingly each criterion is addressed so that applicants can achieve success in each stage of application.
  • We assist applicants to lodge application with Dept of Home Affairs Australia, submit required documents, follow up with Dept., and submit further documents if asked by Dept and follow up further till final outcome of application. Each stage is important, and processing takes much longer than expected so patience required to deal with Dept.
  • One single mistake can end up in rejection of case so each document becomes important and we have vast experience of 20 years and we assure our clients the best possible customer service. Please feel free to browse through testimonials provided to us by our past clients. BMS Global welcomes employers as well as employee to contact us any kind of employer sponsored visa as we have dealt successfully with various kinds of such application. We can be contacted  anytime suitable to you.