Q. If I invest money in Australia in Residential Property or Business will I get residency of Australia?

A. No! Absolutely No! Many overseas people have been either misguided or cheated by ‘thugs’ in Australia by spreading word that ‘ you invest money you get residency in Australia’. You will never get residency in Australia simply by investing any amount of money. If you wish to invest money in Australia, you are welcome to BMS Global and we will try our best to give the most appropriate advice about Business Migration to Australia based on investment in Australia.

Q. What is min investment in Australia to get residency? How do I get Business Visa for Australia? 

A. There is no such min or max investment in Australia. If you wish to migrate to Australia on Business Grounds, you must meet with criteria of Business Visa and then apply and wait for decision from Dept of Home Affairs. The process is very complex, and it will be advisable to have initial consulting from experienced Registered Migration Agent. We welcome to contact BMS Global any time suitable to you as we have vast experience of 20 years dealing with Dept of Home Affairs Australia on day to day basis. Generally, for Business Migration, you have to look at your last four years financial statements and select two most efficient years whose financial can meet with requirements. We generally classify business visa into A$1 million, A$3 million, A$5 million and A$15 million (‘buy slice of Australia’). Business visa issued temporary and then you come and commence your business and meet criteria and then if eligible can apply for residency. Please refer to our website www.bmslgobal.com.au for detailed information about Business Visa for Australia.

Q. Can I invest money in Australia?

A. Yes, you can invest money in Australia, either forming a business firm with local Australian Resident or Citizen or you can form your own foreign company and invest money in Australia and there is no min limit, however, if you wish to invest LARGE amount of money you will require clearance from appropriate Govt Authorities of Australia. For Australian Business you can have ABN (Australian Business Number) and for Foreign Business you can have ARBN (Australian Registered Body Number). Please refer to ASIC www.asic.gov.au for Business Investment in Australia. Alternatively, good and honest Chartered Accountant in Australia will provide you appropriate advice. BMS Global welcomes you to contact us for any size of project if you wish to invest money in Australia. You have been extremely cautious to invest A$1 million or A$2 million in Residential or Commercial Building Projects as these investments will never bring residency in Australia and you will lose your hard earned money. “Crooks” everywhere all over the world, Australia NO EXCEPTION; so always remember “you will never get residency in Australia simply investing money in Australia”. You must meet with criteria of each subclass of Business Visa you apply and then and then only you may get residency in Australia on your Business Grounds and Investment in Australia.

Q. How Best BMS Global can assist me to apply for Business Visa for Australia?

A. BMS Global has vast experience of 20 years in dealing with various kinds of visa applications for Australia and certainly we can assist you for your Business visa application as follows:

  • First, we will ask you to provide us your financial statements of last 4 financial years prepared by your chartered accountant as per International Standards in local currency and converting them into Australian Dollars at current exchange rate.
  • You also have to provide us your Net Business Assets and Net Personal Assets; either on your name or combined with your partner or children in last 4 years. Net means after deducting all kinds of liabilities.
  • You must provide us your Business Background, Education, English Level, Nature and Activities of Business, Business Structure, Number of people employed by you and any other details relevant to your business
  • After receiving your details we will analyses your complete background and certainly our initial consulting fee will apply. We can determine how best you can migrate to Australia on Business Grounds or if you need to upgrade your skills in any of the areas we will ask you to prepare yourself and finally when you are ready we can process your application by advising you of estimate of costs, costs agreement and making you our clients and once we receive our payment as agreed we will commence your work and keep informed about progress of your application at each stage of application. We assure you that you come to most appropriate place for your DREAM to come true if you wish to migrate to Australia on Business Grounds. Please feel free to contact us at contact details provided anytime suitable to you.