Q. What is 400 Series Visa? What kind of special purposes are covered under 400 series visa? How hard to get these 400 series visas? Are they costly visas?

A. Dept. of Home Affairs Australia has introduced special purpose visa time to time to facilitate certain activities such as cultural, highly specialised work, sports, and events or diplomatic missions. These visas are known as 400 series visas. Also remember each of these visas have several steams within it. For example, subclass 400 visa is for highly specialised work for up to 3 years or in some cases up to one year. Company ABC is importing lifts from overseas and to train local technicians, the highly skilled person from overseas company can be engaged in work in Australia to train local employees for 3 months or more. Subclass 400 will be suitable for this purpose. Subclass 403 is meant for Pacific Labour Scheme where employers can engage overseas workers from specified pacific countries only. Subclass 407 is called training visa where Australian employer can provide training to overseas skilled person for a year or two. Subclass 408 is meant for short term activities for cultural or sports and so on. These visas are not so costly; however, as required sponsorship and visas are to be applied and govt fees are to be paid to Dept of Home Affairs Australia. 

Q. I am overseas students and completed Cookery Course in Australia, can I have training visa subclass 407?

A. Most likely subclass 407 training visa can be refused to overseas students who completed cookery course in Australia because the study does cover training component and when you finish course you can be qualified for cook or chef position and you can look for employer sponsored visa subclass 482 or 494.

Q. Many employers and institutes promotes subclass 407 and 408 visas to overseas students, would it be Q & A – 400 Series Visa for Special Purpose Visa advisable to spend money for such visas?

A. No; because you as overseas student is already a trained person in your occupation while study so why would you need extra training. However, in case of Engineering Trades maybe you can try 407 or 408 visa provided your employer is genuine and you have genuine interest in training in Australia to enhance your skills in your trade.

Q. How Best BMS Global can assist employer and visa applicant for series 400 visas?

A. BMS Global had successfully assisted Sultanate of Oman for their employees to come to Australia under 400 subclass visa for two years period to get training at Architecture firm in Perth, WA, Australia a few years ago. Also, BMS Global had won an appeal for an employer in Perth for subclass 407 visa a few years ago. BMS Global assist employer and visa applicant as follows:

  • We will ask both of you to provide us max details about business, training, occupation, wages, time required, training program and any other relevant details to determine eligibility.
  • If found eligible will advise you of proper subclass to apply for under 400 series.
  • Will advise you of estimate of costs, cost agreement, and you become our client, effect payment of our services, and we commence work for you.
  • Australian Immigration requirements have always been complex so be prepared for queries from Dept to answer and we can assist you as much as possible, submit additional information, follow up with Dept till final outcome of application.
  • Please feel free to contact BMS Global anytime suitable to you for your requirements of subclass 400 series visas.