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Online Lodgement

Online Lodgement + Phone Consulting Save Costs up to 50% HOW???

Technology – Keep Pace with Technology and You will be a Conqueror!!

Let Your Dream Come True for Australian Visa!

Apply by Yourself and Achieve Success in receiving visa and Make it Happen!

Save Costs up to 50%!

Online + Phone Consulting – How Wonderful that you would understand the process and requirements and apply by yourself so that your chances of receiving Australian Visa increase by tenfold!

Visitor Visa, Student, Partner, Parent, Skilled & Business Migration, Temporary & Provisional Visa, 457 Chef Cook Baker, RSMS and many other visa & Appeals too!

Dept of Immigration and Border Protection has introduced number visas to be applied online either by the Applicants themselves or through Registered Migration Agents or Appointed Agents.

Australian Immigration Laws are Complex and Changing frequently and as an ordinary person one may not have in-depth familiarity with legislative requirements of visa applications. Here is where experienced registered migration agents may be of help to visa applicants with their expertise on immigration issues. Always remember One Fails ALL
Fail meaning by if you have included your family members in your applications and if any of you fails to meet the criteria everyone will fail in that application. First, it would be advisable to seek initial consulting from experienced registered migration agent, prepare documents required and then apply for visa application either online or through paper application at nearest office of Dept of Immigration and Border Protection. Initial consulting may cost you $100 or $200 or little more but it will give you Peace of Mind and it will determine your eligibility to apply for a kind of visa suitable to your background and it will increase your chances of receiving visa enormously.

We have been providing unique service to visa applicants whereby

  • We provide initial consulting in the range of A$100 to A$400 depending upon complexity of case and we determine your eligibility to apply either online or through paper application; for example, Partner visa applicants are allowed to apply online ONSHORE but if the applicant has No Further Visa Condition or Bridging Visa E or any other circumstance whereby chances of refusal will be very high and applicant will lose Govt Visa Fee + Medicals + Police checks + Agent’s fee etc and it can be not only $100 or $200 but it can be THOUSANDS of Dollars because Govt Visa fee for Partner visa is about A$7,000 ($6,865 plus 0.98% or more Credit Card Surcharge) and you may not get refund if visa is refused by Dept of Immigration and Border Protection. Under such circumstances it will be advisable to leave country and apply from outside country and remain offshore till visa decision is taken and you can have more chances of receiving visa because when you apply from outside Australia most of your conditions go away and it can be a fresh start from you
  • Technology what does it mean??? Have you heard about Remote Access?? Yes, with this technology you will be in your home country on your computer and we from Australia will provide you assistance to go through visa application forms and can also provide you assistance to process visa application forms and prepare necessary documents for submission to Dept of Immigration and Border Protection; We also provide Phone Consulting which can explain you complex requirements of visa applications in simplest terms possible
  • Online Lodgement – You must have heard about it because now Dept of Immigration and Border Protection has introduced several kinds of visas which can be applied online. Please remember one single mistake can end up in negative reply from Dept of Immigration and Border Protection for your visa application. The reason once you lodge documents you cannot retrieve it, however, you can certainly inform Dept of Immigration and Border Protection by filling in certain forms to correct your mistake before they take decision on your visa application. We have tremendous experience of online lodgement of visa applications and we can provide the best possible service in this regard so that your chances of receiving visa increase ten folds
  • We provide Phone Consulting whereby visa applicant can be explained in detail the complex requirements of visa application; for example, if you wish to apply for Visitor Visa or Student Visa – what will be the requirements??? Requirements may vary country to country, for example, for student visa, for some country declaration of financial support may be accepted by Dept of Immigration and Border Protection and in some country visa applicant must provide documentary evidence and that too only from authorized persons and must prove that visa applicant has genuine source of funds to study in Australia because tuition fees and living costs in Australia are very high. So will be the case with Visitor Visa applicants whereby they must ensure that they will return home before expiry of their visa and how would you prove that you will return? We have huge experience and we can certainly explain you in detail over phone and we make sure you understand requirements before you apply for visa
  • You can save costs up to 50% because if we process your application it can cost you more, for example, we have to incur expenditure on staff wages and wages are very high in Australia. In case of Online and Phone Consulting you can certainly save costs because you will be preparing and submitting your visa application to Dept of Immigration and Border Protection by yourself. For example, for Student Visa or Visitor Visa, our fees vary between A$1,500 to A$2,500 + all Govt Fees and other costs where as Online + Phone consulting may cost you only A$750 or A$1,250 + Govt Fees and other costs and it will be savings of 50% of costs for you. How come we can be so economincal??!! The reason is that when we provide you online and phone consulting you will understand all requirements in detail and you will prepare documents accordingly and it will save our time and so the savings of wages of our staff and ultimately our savings we will pass on to you and you will incur only half the costs of our normal fees – isn’t it wonderful!!
  • Peace of Mind and Ensuring increase in chances of receiving visa – Why and How??

Once you understand complex requirements of visa application online and over phone, you will gain confidence that you must be a genuine applicant and you must provide evidence to meet with requirements and these will ensure that you have made applications in appropriate manner with appropriate documents and it can increase your chance of receiving visa. We have come across terribly frustrated people who did not get visitor visa even after applying two or three times and they have become angry and nervous too. When we go through their visa refusal letters and we ask them about documents we found that they did not understand requirements properly and submitted inappropriate documents which resulted in negative reply from Dept of Immigration and Border Protection. Such applicants were provided online and phone consultation by us and asked them to re-submit application and with their great surprises they did receive visas and you can very well refer to Testimonials of our clients on website

  • Our message to you Technology – Keep Pace with Technology and You will be a Conqueror!!

Please feel free to contact us anytime suitable to you on contact details provided on our website and avail yourself with our unique service of Online + Phone Consulting and Remote Access Lodgement of visa application at half the rate than our normal prices.