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Consulting Services for CHEFS to work in Australia

Consulting Services for CHEFS to work in Australia


Australia has only about 25 million population but due to very high standards of living almost every where people do enjoy going out and enjoy varieties of foods while taking breakfast or lunch or dinner. Australia is not only a vast country but a continent with its boundaries ranging from East to West about 5,000 km and North to South about 4,500 km. People from all over the world say about 200 countries and may be thousands of cultures have settled in Australia, prominent among them are people from UK, NZ, China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Ireland, Canada, South Africa and so on. All these countries have their food cultures and Australia has always been in need of Chefs of various kinds and if you have in-depth hands on work experience of Continental, French, Italian, Indian, Asian, Mexican, Singaporean, Malaysian, Vietnamese or other cuisines cooking than you may have opportunities to work in Australia provided you meet with requirements of visa applications.


We have been providing Consulting Service to Overseas Chefs mainly for Indian and Asian cuisines for last several years.


Australian Immigration Laws are very complex and changing frequently and due these facts many overseas applicants fail and sometimes end up in exploitation.


We at BMS Global have been providing following consulting services:

  • Analyse the background of chef with respect to their age, education, work experience, English and other factors for suitability of Skills Assessment and applying for work visa or skilled migration to Australia.
  • Applicants from certain countries such as India, Vietnam, Fiji, etc must have positive skills assessment from skill assessing body to work in Australia. This is time consuming and costly and complex process and applicant must know whether they are eligible to apply for skills assessment or they have to improve their education and work experience to become eligible to apply for skills assessment. We have vast experience in this skills assessment process.
  • Australia has various kinds of food supplying venues such as fast food outlet franchisees, taverns, kiosks, take away shops, cafe, restaurants, catering companies, five star hotels, govt. venues, school & college canteens, and so on and the list has many more venues. For immigration purpose only a few venues will be accepted by Dept of Immigration for visa processing and hence applicants must know where they would be employed in Australia. We at BMS Global can liaise on behalf of applicants and can advise them the most appropriate venues to work in Australia
  • Some workplace cultures are hostile and some are friendly. Applicants if end up in hostile workplace can face hell lot of problems and may be exploited and may lose all their incomes and may get visa cancellation. We are based in Australia can reach any place in Australia and can also access information through govt. websites as well as engaging private investigator to find out whether workplace is safe and honest and whether the employer will survive in future so that the applicant will have peace of mind to work and complete the terms and return home with sufficient income and savings
  • Applicants require min level of IELTS English score in each band and they can also appear for equivalent English tests to prove their English level. Applicants are expected to have min 6 in each band of IELTS English test appeared in last 12 months in any module general of academic
  • As per Dept of Immigration min annual salary requirements plus Super @9.50% on basic salary and 4 weeks paid leave the applicant also to be paid market rate salary in Australia to work in Australia. Currently min salary is A$53,900 per year but if the market rate salary is A$65,000 than applicant must be paid market rate salary and not the min salary fixed by Dept of Immigration. Many employers give false promise and in reality applicants do not get salary promised and hence we at BMS Global will provide the most appropriate consulting with respect to salary requirements to work in Australia
  • Certain level of cooking persons such as Commi I, II, III, and Larder Hands may not be considered as Chefs and we can provide them the best possible consulting how to improve their skills to become a qualified chef. In five star hotels chefs are employed as Chef de partie or Sues Chef or Head Chef etc and if these chefs do not have practical hands on work experience they will not be of any use to employers in Australia and they can be considered as supervisors or managers and for these applicants different categories will apply immigration requirements point of view. Many poor or developing countries have many kinds of job layers where actual person who is cooking food items may be working as very low salary where as others who get high salary may not be working at all and these applicants may not be accepted as chef so we at BMS Global can scrutinise background of each applicant and can give them the advice possible to work in Australia
  • There will be several ways to work in Australia under different category of visa such as temporary or permanent or temporary and then become permanent so applicant must know in advance how they will progress in Australia. Many employers will engage overseas chef only for 2 or 3 or 4 years and may not sponsor for permanent visa so these applicants must know their options well in advance and if they are our clients we will keep them informed
  • The visa processing involves several stages such as sponsorship, nomination and visa application. Each stage has its own requirements and applicant whether it may be employer or visa applicant – they must meet with requirements of that stage to receive successful outcome in their application and applicants have to pay govt fees and meet with other costs to apply for each stage of work visa application. The requirements are real tough, complex and costly so applicants must know all these costs in advance as otherwise refund may not be possible and applicants can lose money and visa and such losses will of great amounts especially for applicants of poor countries where exchange rate is very poor as compared to Australian Dollar
  • BMS Global has tremendous experience of dealing with work visa applications of all kinds whether it be temporary work visa or permanent visa under Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) or Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS) and our experience is of more than 18 years to deal with Dept of Immigration, Australia. We render our services to those applicants who become our clients. Each case becomes unique and quote to provide services can be given case to case
  • There will be HUGE Number of people who wish to work in Australia but only a few will meet with requirements and from our experience of last 18 years we would certainly tell that it is extremely difficult to find good quality hardworking and honest chef to work in Australia. Employers are welcome to contact us at least 6 months in advance to source their requirements of chefs overseas and visa applicants are also welcome to contact us anytime because they may have to upgrade their skills with respect to education and/or work experience to make them suitable to apply for skills assessment, English test, Age requirements, and work experience requirements.