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Business for Sale in Australia

Business for sale in Australia and Business Visa for Australia subclass 188/888
Is it the right time to buy a business in Australia at present?
Yes! Absolutely! The current economic downward all over the world has reduced the sale prices of business in Australia by half the amount or to less than half the amount of the original price of the business.
For example, fast food outlet would have cost approx. $1 million, which is now available for approx. $500k. So is the case with other businesses where prices have been reduced drastically and therefore it is the right time to buy a business in Australia. Think about dealings in shares where investor buys the shares when prices are down and then keeps the shares for a period of time then investor can reap the benefits of the market price. Similarly if you have genuine interest in buying business in Australia, we provide business buying as well as business visa processing services under the one roof.

From our experience we would strictly advise the overseas buyer to have some planning and understanding of complex immigration process of business visa before buying any business in Australia. We give below the list of businesses which are currently for sale in Australia:

  • Taxi Business for sale; Price $330k
  • Fast Food outlet; Price $1million
  • Ice-Cream Vendor; Price $200k
  • Backpacker Hostel Management; Price $1million

For detailed information about the sale of above businesses please contact us at, mobile +61 416 014 257.