Q. What are Occupational Ceiling in Skilled Migration Australia?

A. Occupational Ceiling is upper limit of number of places which will be filled in during that particular financial year of Australia. For example, Business Analyst Occupational Ceiling for the year 2016-17 financial is 5,000; it means that total number of skilled migrant applicants will be offered those many place for that particular financial year.

Q. What can happen if I am not invited to apply for skilled migrant application for Australia for Business Analyst occupation?

A. If you are not invited to apply for skilled migration; it means that either the number of places have been filled before your turn comes or you may be falling short of passing points for that particular occupation. If you meet with passing points of that particular occupation you can be invited for next financial year and your application will remain pending with dept of immigration for the period of 2 years; and after that it will expire and you will have to re-apply if you meet with eligibility to apply again. It will be advisable to seek advice from experienced registered migration agent for more in-depth analysis of your background. It may cost little money but it will be work spending small amount than wasting large amount because visa fees and other fees are now lot higher than before.

Q. What are the passing points for IT occupations for skilled migration currently prevailing?

A. Currently passing points for IT occupations are 80 or 85; it means that if you score either these points said here or above your chances of inviting you to apply for skilled migration for Australia will be higher than others; however, no guarantee can be given as dept of immigration will have their own priority for selection of candidates. Generally, large number of IT, Engineering and Accounting occupations apply more than other occupations so passing points will always be lot higher say 80 or 85. Before you think about EOI, it will be advisable to seek advice from experienced registered migration agent so that you can be clear about your pathways. A small amount of money for initial consulting can save you thousands of dollars later.

Q. At what passing points I can apply for skilled migration EOI Expression of Interest?

A. Now passing points for EOI are set at 65; it means you can score points for age, education, work experience and English level and other factors. If you have properly scored points then you will be eligible to apply for EOI; however, before proceeding it will be better you seek advice from registered  migration agent because many have received rejections and they had wrongly calculated points. Australian Immigration Laws are Very Complex and Changing Frequently so experienced registered migration agent will have up to date knowledge of providing you the best possible outcome of your application.

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